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Jamaican Businesses Doing More to Support Each Others’ Causes; JIE Success

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The Jamaica International Exhibition, JIE, is intended to be an exhibition showcasing the capabilities of the Jamaican Business Process industry. Visitors to the International Exhibition were pleasantly surprised to find some products also on display. It turns out the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ) had been gracious enough to accommodate some micro-manufacturers in setting up their stalls and displaying their products at the JIE. Many of these units were from the western part of the island. The sponsorship for the stalls came directly from the BPIAJ and is being widely welcomed by everyone.

Manufacturers Get to Familiarise the Public with Their Products

The idea behind participation in exhibitions is to spread product awareness to as many members of the public as possible, within a short period of time. Thousands visit an exhibition or fair that lasts 3 to 5 days where companies setup their stalls displaying their products and distribute flyers that provide the details of the whole range of items they sell. In many cases, the manufacturers succeed in getting trade inquiries as well during such exhibitions, enabling them to get new business and to expand their distribution networks. In such international events, businesses get local as well as overseas attention.

This was amply demonstrated by Barr Spice, a company that makes and sells annatto. The company’s proprietor, Winston Barr admits that a large part of the Jamaican population was not aware of their product. Participation in the exhibition has brought about this awareness and it will help them push their products through in the future.

Camaraderie Among Businesses

From a purely nationalistic perspective, it is great that the services industry represented by BPIAJ and the Jamaica Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association (JMEA) are working together for a greater cause, the growth of the Jamaican economy. As Gloria Henry, President of the BPIAJ, stated,

“If we can help to take a business to the next level, we feel we have done some good in the community.”

This is the spirit behind this accommodation and aims to bring about optimism for the future in all stakeholders, including those in government. The usual trend is for businesses to have a highly competitive spirit, fighting with one another and egos playing a big part. This new found sense of unity can potentially be transferred to other areas as well and through such cooperation, many good things can be achieved.

The main objective, of getting a positive public response to the products showcased, was also met, if being gauged by the reaction of the participants in the JIE.


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