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It’s your vision. See it, feel it, write it, plan for it, go for it!

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As a people, we have the tendency to perceive simple things as complicated and unachievable. This is also true on the subject of living our purpose. You read or hear every day of persons who have a long list of accomplishments, and right away start to feel small in comparison to them and think that it would be impossible to achieve even half as much as they did. But what if you were to sit down with a few of these persons (including me) and ask them to tell you how things were for them at the start of their journey to ‘fame?’ I believe at least some of them would be in agreement with what I am about to share with you.

Whether we know or acknowledge it or not, the Creator gave every single person the go-ahead to write their vision and to put it where it can be seen to motivate action in achieving it. This timeless principle is found in the Bible in Habakkuk 2:2; “And the Lord answered me, and said write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it.” Visions or dreams of accomplishments, accolades, and achievements are gifts from God and there is nothing complicated or impossible with him.

There are some simple but important steps to be taken to live your purpose and to achieve the finer things in life. I will attempt to show you how easy it is to see it, feel it, write it down, plan for it, and go for what’s yours.

  1. Acknowledge and accept the proclamation

At some point in life, you would have heard from a preacher, teacher, friend, or motivational speaker that everyone was born for a particular purpose. Yes, that means you too. However, after hearing these powerful words that may have caused a stir in the heart, many persons do not make any special effort to even think about what that purpose is or could be. So, the first thing to do is to acknowledge and accept that you were created to be successful in your personal life, marriage and family, and other relationships.

  1. See it, feel it, and write what is on your heart

Have you ever thought about something that you would like to do and the idea of it made you feel mellow inside? I know I have. That’s called a vision. Imagine that you had the details of how you would start, the steps that you would take, and the people you could approach to ensure that you accomplish this goal. However, later in the day something happened to change your light mood and that mental planning went south; forgotten. There is not enough energy to think things out in detail after that. Most times, this is the end of that thought. But if those thoughts were jotted down soon after they emerged, even in note form, there is a high chance that upon viewing it at a later date, the thoughts, as well as the mellow feelings, would come back and you could start making mental plans again to accomplish this dream.

Therefore, it is advised that you write down your vision as soon as it comes to you. It is expected that you and anyone that is connected to it will be energized and excited to run with it in eagerness and anticipation. (I may write an article about what to do if you are the only one who is excited about your vision). Don’t just write it, post it. Put it in plain view. A posted vision serves to constantly remind you of the opportunities and possibilities in your life if the directions are followed. Every time you look at it, you will be motivated to overcome any disappointments, distractions, or discouragements that may come against your dream.

3. Plan for it

Write the details of your vision in the present tense. This indicates confidence that you are or already have what you envision. A visual vision provides the correct directions you are required to follow to get to the destination you desire. It also gives you the motivation and inspiration needed to push through when you face life’s tough challenges.

Write it plain or easy to understand to eliminate any possibility of complication or confusion that may delay the planning process or your progress. Expect difficulties and challenges to arise in the planning progress. These are not indications that you will not be successful. Instead, they are mere obstacles that, when you overcome them, will allow you to appreciate the outcomes even more. Design alternate plans in case of obstacles; strategize how you will overcome the obstacles rather than try to avoid them.

4. Go for what’s yours

Start with small steps: you may become disappointed and frustrated if you try to do or accomplish too many things quickly and all at once.

Be consistent: do not allow obstacles to change your mind about what you want to achieve.

Be committed: remain steadfast in your progress, even if you encounter expected and unexpected delays.

Be patient: here is where it would be good to remember that your Creator gave you the vision, so it is best to patiently wait on his timing while working steadfastly.

After all the hard work you have done, the joy and excitement you experienced, and the challenges you faced in your quest to realize your vision, do not hesitate to show gratitude to the One who gave you the vision and helped you to achieve it and to congratulate yourself on your success. Claim what is yours. You deserve it.


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