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It’s not worth it.

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I feel like every day just gets more stressful and there is nothing I can do about it. Even though this pandemic has its blessings sometimes I wonder why some people allow Satan to be their God. I am talking to the persons that created the coronavirus. Not only have people died, lost their livelihood but people have been suffering from mental health issues which are the worst of them all. 

Imagine not being able to find a happy place not even within your head.

My line of reasoning stems from a two (2) hour call I had today at work. Of course, the management team has forced more work on us without any additional pay and this is causing undue stress and crisis in our lives. 

One of my team members has brought up the issue of mental health and how they work is starting to get to us. It reminds me of before Covid when I asked my co-workers if they would leave this job if they got more pay somewhere else and instantly, they said yes.

It’s not worth it.

I once saw a TikTok that said my generation doesn’t have any loyalty to jobs and when you’re in a situation and you see how you are being treated, you understand why no loyalty is there. 

This is not about being disrespectful to anyone or any company, but the truth is, employees are constantly getting more work and no more pay as the years go by.

I did a google search to see how often employees are to get a salary increase and most of the articles said that this is based on the employer’s discretion only. We are stuck in a world where no one cares about the employees because we are getting paid, it doesn’t matter the workload, inequality, and ridiculously high expectations from humans, you are expected to do what you are told, no questions asked because you are getting a salary and the attitude behind it is Well if you don’t like it, leave.

I’m thinking of BPO’s here in Jamaica and I realized there is no such thing as a union for the employees there. The employers don’t care and the government’s only stance is where the money resides and not with the people so another unfair situation there once again.

This is another reason why we don’t have loyalty to jobs and another reason why Jamaica will never solve this problem of brain drain. Intelligent minds do not want to stay here and I for one know that once I get the opportunity to leave, I will.

I don’t want this to sound too political or anything because I know that the only government that can solve mankind’s problems is God’s Kingdom. It’s the only kingdom I put my trust in and look forward to. A time when everyone will be treated fairly because we will be under Jehovah’s wing and not Satan.

No crime, no violence, no unfair workplace, no coronavirus, no death, no bad mind just love, respect, joy, and happiness. This is what I am waiting on.

How about you?


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