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Issuing of Report on the Audit of the Auditor General’s Department?

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The Jamaican government is about to concede to a long-standing demand from the opposition that it tables the report on the audit of the AGD. The report might be tabled on Wednesday in Parliament. Everald Warmington, the Deputy Leader of the House has been lending his voice for a fairly long period insisting that the government must share the details of the report. The actual presentation of the report for the benefit of the members may be made by Dr. Nigel Clarke, the Public Service Minister as announced in Parliament.

It is a Question of Propriety, Argues Warmington

The Auditor General’s Department is entrusted with the task of scrutinising the functioning of the various departments, ministries, and agencies that draw on public funds. However, the financial details of the AGD itself are never shared with the Parliament, let alone the public at large. The issue has been raised for the past 10 years by Mr. Warmington, but this is the first time the government has yielded. The consistent stand taken by him has been ‘No Government agency should be allowed to benefit from the public purse without providing its audited financials’. He may wait until the actual tabling of the report and its presentation before making further comments. But he is not fully satisfied.

Submit the Audit Reports on AGD for the Past 10 Years

Mr. Warmington draws attention to the fact that a revision of the FAA (Financial Accounts and Audit) Act was made in 2010 making it mandatory for the audit report coming from an audit of the Auditor General’s Department to be tabled in the House. Successive governments have been avoiding this. Now that this government has agreed in principle to table the last year’s report, the Deputy Leader of the House insists that he will not rest until the government brings forth the audit reports for all these years. It is not clear what precisely he is looking for in these reports, if anything. The only thing he has stated is that he has his reasons for asking for all the reports and he has also suggested that the reports be sent to a House committee for review.


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