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International Day of Yoga- June 22, 2019

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Yoga is a spiritual discipline that is slowly but surely gaining traction in Jamaica. It is a combination of breathing control, meditation and use of specific poses. Yoga has many benefits, and it is no wonder health gurus offer praises to it. Some benefits that can be gained from regularly practicing yoga is increased flexibility, improved respiration, strength and vitality, maintenance of a balanced metabolism as well as the reduction in stress and anxiety.

In keeping with the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ various initiatives, such as ‘Jamaica Moves’, where the benefits of exercise are constantly circulated, Yoga is one such state of exercise which will be very useful to the public. Some of the many benefits of physical activity include strengthening the heart and lungs, lowering the risk of heart diseases as well as improving the good cholesterol. It is vital that the society work towards improving their lifestyle, as it is mostly lifestyle diseases that affect the citizens of Jamaica. We need to start paying special attention to what we eat and how we move.

The High Commission of India will be celebrating International Day of Yoga in a big way. Celebrations will take place at the Campion College Auditorium, with various yoga and meditation sessions. It will be FREE to the public. If you are interested in taking on this new form of exercise, this will be the perfect start to see what it is about. Let us support Jamaica Moves in whatever way we can.


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