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The urban dictionary defines ‘hustling’ as making money no matter what the situation is; Jamaicans are the creators and mastermind behind the term, ‘hustling’. I strongly believe that we can make it wherever we go just because of this trait. Today, I want to share five tips for making money on the side to supplement your current income or just to have extra cash on the daily. 


A person who provides expert advice professionally; other synonyms include adviser, guide, counselor, expert, and specialist. I consider myself a consultant because I have knowledge and experience in certain fields for more than three (3) years. It is one of the quickest ways to earn money without building up unnecessary debt and overhead expenses. If you are well familiar with anything, why not offer consultations to people and charge them by the hour? Furthermore, knowledge is the only thing you can share and still have; why not make a profit from it?

Cook Shop 

If you are a Jamaican and you can cook this one will be a good idea for you. I did research a month ago and concluded that two businesses will never fail in Jamaica: Food and Healthcare. People get hungry at least three times per day; last Wednesday I went to a restaurant on Miriam Way at 7:30 am and there was a line waiting for the place to be opened. Not to mention Frontline restaurant at Farm Heights or the Jerk Chicken man situated in Tucker, Irwin Montego Bay. I sacrifice time and money just to eat from those places because of the quality and exceptional customer service received at these cookshops. Now imagine if you can cook and you decide to get some boards, zinc, a big pot, and food to cook. Can you visualize people going crazy over your food? I can guarantee you that if you work hard at this and publicize this within a year; you will be making more money than your annual salary. Isn’t that the goal?


Beauty is such a broad topic and one with so many definitions, influencers, and practices; it is also one that can earn you the most money. First, let me break down the definition of beauty to you, it is not only wearing makeup that is considered beauty. You can sell makeup, review new products, apply on clients, become a beauty influencer, and have brands sponsor you; do you see where I am going with this?

I know many get skeptical about getting involved in this sector because there are already so many persons involved but let me ask you, “ Are you passionate about beauty, and how badly do you want to change your current financial situation?” If you check out our website, www.dorandae.blog you will notice that we have three major branches: Journalism | Style | Travel all of which are the three main passions of our founder. Under D’orandae | Style you will notice that we sell and review makeup and hair and if you speak with the owner herself, you will find she is always looking for a business partner or someone to collaborate with. Those being said why not take her up on that opportunity of collaborating and make some money on the side?

Day Care I find it amazing how one child is so expensive yet people are out here just having child after child after child. Regardless, I find this to be a good source of income; if you work within an environment with a lot of people for example call center, banks and so forth, you will realize that most parent(s) are always trying to do overtime to keep up with the gradually climbing cost of living. It, therefore, means they need a day/night care for their kid(s). 

Look around your house and see if you can clear out your basement or garage and change it into the main room for the kids. Get stationery supplies, blankets, and pillows and have the kid(s) learn and take naps at your daycare facility. You can start by charging the parents JMD 3000 a week between the hours of 7:30 am-4:30 pm and an additional $250/per hour for hours outside of opening time. Have the parents provide a change of clothing and food for their child throughout the day. If you have 25 kid(s) every week, you will be generating an additional 1.5 million every month or 18,000,000 every year. How much are you earning at your current job?         


I’m not referring to your ex J but if you love to be silly and make children laugh while applying the absolute worst makeup look, you can consider this criterion. It sounds weird and might give you a puzzling facial expression but if you are neck-deep in debt and you have some powder and a good sense of humor, you might want to take me up on this suggestion. At events such as Jerk Fest, Crab Fest, Fun in the sun, and so forth, there are always clowns walking around with balloons and taking pictures with kids, and hey, the bills need to be paid.


Being a blogger is similar to being a consultant but instead of talking with your mouth, you are speaking with your keyboard. Ask yourself the question, ‘What am I passionate about?’ Do you love Game of Thrones, Blacklist, and Lord of the rings? Are you obsessed with playing video games or reading fictional novels? Does the fantasy world intrigue you? Writing about anything that gains the bulk of your time might as well earn you additional income. Use platforms such as Facebook, Blogger, Dorandae, Instagram, Snapchat, and Medium to share your views on topics that interest you. Blogging does not require any startup capital but will attract investors later down.

I have stated five different streams of revenue and all I ask is you consider and apply one. When it works, please feel free to reach out to me or leave your reviews under this blog. 



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