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How to Reward Yourself

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Each morning we are in a hurry to go, the only thing we have on our minds is to get ourselves and the family ready and get through the door. We wake up early to get to work, forget to pack our lunches in the mornings, run out of the house without our hair being combed, but we seem to always forget to treat ourselves for making such sacrifices.

Many people believe that other people are responsible for treating us, but what about rewarding ourselves? 

Rewarding ourselves doesn’t mean we have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a single event, there are numerous ways we can treat ourselves using any of these categories: Self-care rewards, food rewards, and Free Rewards.

Self-care Rewards

Self-care means involving ourselves in any activity that takes care of our mental, physical, and emotional health. By doing so we reduce stress, anxiety, and any other toxins determined to devour us. What are some examples you might be wondering, let’s consider a few:

Physical Self Care Activities:

  1. Walk your dog
  2. Jog/Walk around the block 
  3. Get your regular check-ups at the doctor and dentists
  4. Try to maintain a healthy diet
  5. Ensure you get the recommended amount of sleep 

These examples seem like basic everyday activities, some we don’t have time for but trust me, it goes a long way in developing and maintaining your physicality. 

Emotional Self Care Activities:

  1. Surround yourself with uplifting individuals
  2. Go watch your favorite movie
  3. Talk with your favorite person (mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, in-laws)
  4. Keep a journal 

Mental Self Care Activities:

  1. Arrive on time for work so you can leave on time
  2. Buy your favorite bottle of champagne
  3. Go to the beach with your favorite book
  4. Engage in a non-work activity (dance classes, gym, swimming)
  5. Disengage from all social media networks

Food Rewards

“Food keeps us going, yet food stops us from going ~D’orandae”

Despite what various blogs might say regarding Food Rewards, it is OK to treat ourselves with our favorite meal from our favorite restaurant after exerting ourselves the past week or month.

We worked for it, we earned it. As Jamaicans, we love fast food places, there is Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominoes, Sakura, etc., and we might be wondering how do we treat ourselves with these everyday options, well let me enlighten your darkness. Have you tried every option on the boards at your favorite fast food joint?

How about stepping out of your comfort zone and try a fancy restaurant for example Bubbles and Spice (Coral Cliff), Houseboat Grill, MVP Smokehouse, Uncorked; all located in and around Montego Bay.

For those who are not fans of eating out, I haven’t forgotten about you, go to your local supermarket, and get some ingredients, and chef it up in the kitchen with your preferred seasonings and spices.

Buy something at the store that you haven’t eaten in a long time for example Oxtail, Goat/Mutton, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Ham, Turkey, Pasta, Macaroni, and Cheese. Indulge yourself, have fun, and remember “Good food equals good mood.” 

Free Rewards

Free rewards are my favorite rewards, it involves me having a good time without emptying my bank book, and c’mon, who wouldn’t love that? Free rewards include a mixture of mental, physical, and emotional self-care activities for example:

  1. Sleeping until noon
  2. Binge-watching your favorite series
  3. Use your vacation days
  4. Take a long bath while sipping champagne with scented candles and rose petals
  5. Plan a pot-luck with good friends/family at the river

Even though it might be stressful most days, it is recommended that we chill-ax and reward ourselves for being great. As stated above, there are numerous we can do this which doesn’t include us breaking the bank, why not apply at least one suggestion in your life? 



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