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How To Make Money During Covid-19

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Are you asking yourself, how do I make money in these tough times? If you are, you are not alone. The exponential spread of the dangerous novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has slowed down the entire world. Due to COVID-19, many businesses and schools are now closed, thousands out of work, and the elderly asked to stay home. This all means that there is less money in the pockets of us Jamaicans, especially the day-to-day hustlers and other low-income workers. However, it’s not all bad news, delivery, sanitation and some online businesses are making even more money due to COVID-19. Therefore, if we apply ourselves, we can all make money by capitalizing on the goods and services that are in demand.

Are you social distancing? At home wondering how on earth are you going to pay the bills and buy food? What if I tell you all you need to do is believe in your skills? It doesn’t matter where you are from, trust me you must know something of value that you can sell. Let’s explore some options that might work for you. Do as many of them as you can to make as much money as you can. If one isn’t working for you try the other.

Errand Money

Are you young and strong? There are many people at home who are not able or don’t want to risk going to public places right now, especially those who are more at risk. This is a valuable service and there are people who have enough money saved to pay for this service. This is where you come in; call them up, advertise your errand services on social media. You might be surprised how much money others are willing to pay you to buy an item for them. Be smart, do multiple errands at once, and save time.

Delivery Money

Do you own a vehicle? Two wheels or more? Bicycle, bike, scooter, or even a car. Then this is an option to explore. Go to nearby shops and stores to offer your delivery services both to the business owner and the shoppers. Trust me, they will call you. In these times delivery is a service many businesses desperately want to offer right now. Charge a fee for delivery that pays you for your time and your delivery expenses. If you are not yet old enough to work and you own a bike or bicycle this could really put quick cash in your pocket.

Mask Money

Do you or someone you know have access to a sewing machine? If you do, you can make fabric masks. Masks are in high demand at the moment, and by the looks of things, they will be for some time. Make masks from cheap materials that meet the requirements; for example, a cheap bedspread/sheet; if you got good skills with the material, cut it up and sell each mask at a competitive price. You can take it a step further and include creative wording or graphic design and sell those at a higher price.

Dirty Money

Hands get dirty and people are washing and sanitizing their hands now more than ever; especially those little ones that are cheap and easy to carry. They are also easy to forget so many will end up buying again. You might be surprised at how fast people will buy them.  All you need is to be at the right place,  at the right time with hand sanitizers. Where is the right place? At essential businesses, where according to our prime minister “people may carry out the essentials of Life”. Hint: Taxis also need sanitizers too now. Just be careful to obey all social distancing rules while you work. 

Clean Money

So many surfaces need to be kept clean and corona-free, if you are a person who doesn’t mind cleaning, now might be a good time to get paid to clean houses and cars. If you choose to clean cars it might be a good idea to also offer plastic wrapping services. Many public transportation vehicles now wish to create a barrier between driver and passenger. If you know how to do it properly, quickly and neatly, there is a market parked and waiting for you.

Online Money

Graphic design, photography, videography, and writing skills are all online money makers. Many small local businesses are racing to capture a part of the eCommerce market now that fewer people are walking through their doors. They need online content! Approach businesses and offer your creative services. Offer them bundles for their website, social media or even WhatsApp business to increase their online presence.

Technical Support Money

Would you consider yourself tech-savvy? If yes, you are in luck. Many businesses are not able to navigate the technical hurdles that they are currently facing to launch their business online. Offer your support for a reasonable cost and earn money helping them join the world of eCommerce. It’s time you put those selfies and personal branding skills to good use!

WhatsApp Business Money

Are you a freelancer of sorts? Perhaps you even already own a business? A small corner shop maybe. You can use WhatsApp business to reach a wide range of people online. It is possibly the cheapest and fastest way for you to increase your online presence. This will grow your business and put more money in your pocket. So, get a dedicated business number if you don’t have one already, set it up, and showcase your goods or services to as many people as you can.

As you can see COVID-19 presents plenty of new opportunities for you to make money. So if you are no longer able to make money the old way, maybe this time you try something new.


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Monique Rowe
Monique Rowe

Great tips


Great article! I’ll be sure to try one of these out.

Sadie Dixon
Sadie Dixon

I am so, so proud of you Shane! I love all these ideas, you’re very smart….I thought of fewer of the ones you listed. God bless you always:-)