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How to get rid of Writer’s Block

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At first, hearing the name, Writer’s Block, seemed superficial to me but after doing research, I found it to be non-fictional. There are times when I have writer’s block, meaning I find it difficult to produce new articles. I may have started writing an article and halfway through I am completely at a loss as to why I was writing the article in the first place. Is this the same for you? The truth is 9/10 authors have this condition so it is okay to say this is normal, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. This shouldn’t, however, slow you down your success; this should never dampen your spirit. What should you do if you feel weakened by this condition?

The length of time an author experiences writer’s block varies; personally, if my thoughts are flowing I tend to jot down pointers and short sentences to explain each point, that way when I’m ready to write the full article, my notes can help jog my memory. Others have started an article and midway forget everything, thereby never finishing or publishing the article.

Here are some ways that help me to keep my blog active while I am experiencing writer’s block:

  1. Read – Ah, reading, don’t we just love reading as much as writing? Well, how about reading a book or a blog on anything relating to your passion. Who knows? Maybe you’ll remember exactly what you were writing or be inspired to write an exceptional article.
  2. Take a walk – I love walking, not only does it keep me fit physically but it mentally exercises my brain and allows my thoughts to be free. Just walking past beautiful houses or looking at the mountains and sky brightens up my mood which then gives me a brilliant topic to write about.
  3. Social Media – There is so much means of inspiration trending on social media nowadays. Celebrities are saying that Nicki Minaj is trying to stop their bag; write about that. You could perhaps write your view on how females treat each other in the music industry, or how females treat each other generally using the trending topic of celebrities alleging that Nicki Minaj is stopping their bags.
  4. Spa Day – Don’t we all love the spa? The one place where we know relaxing is mandatory. Getting your back rubbed with oil, the entire place smells like coconuts, getting your cucumber mask on to stimulate yet calm your nerves and feeling your mind go to ease as your feet get rubbed with those heavenly hands. What a sense of relief.
  5. Go out – Maybe you’re just stressed, have you contemplated that? Maybe this is a way in which your body is telling you that you are tired, stressed, and need a break. Whatever you love to do take this time to get into it, this could include but is not limited to: going to the beach, movie, dinner, park, club
  6. Talk – Call your friends or your family and start a conversation with them, running your mouth may destroy your writer’s block.

Writer’s block is nothing to be ashamed of, authors locally and worldwide experience it; at this point, it is a normal condition. You might not be able to control it but you can use this period to gain inspiration, catch up with friends and family, or get involved in your favorite activity. Next time you experience it why not consider using one of these tips?


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