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How to be a Strong Business Woman

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Starting your own business is not for the faint-hearted, whether you are male or female as any new startup will only learn by their mistakes.

A new business or project starts with an idea that seeds from a business plan into a fully grown enterprise. However, these things do not happen overnight. 

Launching a new startup needs logical details and a strategic plan of action to make money and be a success.

This is where you need to sit down and focus on your business plan right from the start.

Having a clear business plan will ensure you can multi-task as well as be proactive in your business.

Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, personal circumstances and financial standing are the foundations of a positive business plan.

Working out where you will work, the hours of business, what social media marketing you will do, and how you will find new clients all need to be in a business plan.

Some things are trial and error which any new startup will learn on their business journey; however, this is all part of developing your business and yourself. 

Being a woman in business is always debated as a “lazy option” instead of being an employee with a regular wage.

However, learning to cope with these opinions is something you have to learn to deal with and accept that not everyone has the ability or skills to become their boss.

Having your own business brings uncertainty and lacks the stability of a regular job; however, it all depends on your support system as to whether your business is a success.  

There are many pros and cons to launching your own business; however, the majority of women who start their own business do it because they are looking for a new challenge, a different direction, or simply look for a better work/life balance.

Bonus of Starting Your Own Business

One bonus of starting your own business is that you have no boss or management giving out orders or making you unsettled in your role. You are your boss, flexible and you set the standards that allow your business to be a success.

Being willing to work hard and learn new skills all come with job satisfaction of running a successful business.

However taking time out is also important- going for a walk at lunchtime, getting plenty of sleep, catching up with a friend, and eating a healthy meal away from the desk are all simple ways to keep you strong and resilient in your daily schedule.

Maybe a new fashion designer is making the headlines or a top IT professional has just launched a new business – being curious and open-minded will allow new business ideas to projects to flow better. 

No Financial Support

One main disadvantage of women in business is gaining financial help from banks and support networks.

Unfortunately, women are still seen as unequal and the gender pay gap issue is worldwide in many leading industries.

Women have to be willing to go above and beyond what their male counterparts have to do to prove themselves suitable for business projects and new clients.

However, this is something that women can achieve, by thinking a little more creatively to gain positive advantages. 

Online Presence

Research and social media go hand in hand in business, especially when trying to source new clients, customers, or helping others.

Being visible online and on search engines such as Google and Yahoo will increase your business profile and set you apart from competitors.

Having a clear, concise website always helps a new startup, with great images and interesting content.

Whether you are selling products or services online, investing in a website, e-commerce store, or an app, being active online is the way the business works in your favor.

Updating your social media feed, your blog, and online shop all take time but are worthwhile tasks that will make your business shine.

Being in business can be quite isolating at first, so keeping a positive mind even if you are having a difficult day can make a difference.

Taking breaks, writing lists, and working in a comfortable location all help your body and mind which in turn encourages you to grow your business and take on new projects. 

Become a Strong Business Woman

Being a strong businesswoman can be daunting and it pushes you beyond limits you did not know you had. It can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, which we all deal with.

However, it makes women stronger, more resilient, and willing to tackle issues that are important to their business and their own lives.

Many women have been taught not to show their real emotions to new clients as it makes them look weak.

Honesty and integrity are key factors for women in business and I think women who voice their emotions and opinions show others they care and what drives their business forward.


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