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Honesty Pays: $1.2 Million Reward

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It is always said that honesty pays in the long run. Ackaisha Green is a young woman with two very young children. Despite being unemployed and facing dire circumstances at home, she decided that being honest came above all else. This honest act  seemed to have touched  the hearts of many. She found a bag filled with $1,000 and $5,000 notes when she visited the ATM. A lot of people would have been tempted to use the money. This young lady however, returned the money to the rightful owner.

J. Wray and Nephew Offers $1.2 million

J Wray & Nephew Limited decided to honour her honesty and integrity. They made a donation to her totalling $1.2 million. Of this amount, around $1 million has been allocated for the purpose of education for both the woman and her two sons. The company will be following up with the lady to ensure that the money is put to good use. During a meeting with the Managing Directors, Ackaisha Green had expressed her regret for not studying when the time was right. She expressed a desire to study well and improve her family situation. This led to the company deciding to fund her education.

More Donations from Other Corporations

A lot of people have pitched in with donations to help the honest lady. Out of the $1.2 million provided, around $100,000 has been set aside to help fund food vouchers. The rest will be used for buying some basic necessities. Nestle has also pitched in and has agreed to provide milk supply for their homes for a whole year. Apart from these donations, Digicel and the Heart Trust/NTA have also contributed to the well being of this family.

J Wray & Nephew Limited mentioned in an interview that the company places a high level of importance on honesty and integrity. This played a great part in their honouring Ackaisha. The company wanted this to set an example to the youth of the nation. Such ethical values must be ingrained in every citizen of the country. This is what will lead to national development and reduce the rate of crimes. Ackaisha Green has expressed gratitude to all the people who have helped put their lives back on track.


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