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HAMANTS Convo PT. 2 – The Real Winners

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If you haven’t watched any of the “HAMANTS Convos” by trending Dancehall artiste Govana, I implore you to do so before reading this article. Both have been included for your entertainment:


Watching the storyline unfold, I couldn’t help but to applaud the excellent storytelling and the humour that rolled non-stop throughout the scenes. But what I appreciated most of all were the lessons. Like most males in Jamaica, I have been actively researching the ways and means by which a man can be termed as a “Gyal Clown”, and Chris’ situation strikes me as particularly ludicrous – simply because of the fact that he will not remove his emotions from his decision-making process.

By no means am I criminalizing Keisha and Tasha – in all honesty, “good body gyal fi get tings”, yeah? But at what expense should a man become a gyallis? Personally, I’ve leaned towards being the “one-burner” type of man most of the time, and have dealt with a few of the pros and cons involved with such a decision. I’ve seen di gyallis man dem lose themselves over their favourite woman. I’ve seen heartbroken men play the field with ease, and I’ve witnessed men who decided that the time was right to behave and make an honest partner of themselves with one lady.

In all these scenarios and more, the women involved are the common denominators – and by right, the real winners.

After the conversation from Part 1, I held a genuine hope that Chris had learnt his lesson: if you’re going to be involved with a new leading lady, you have to choose wisely. Going for the close friend of your ex cannot spell wisdom in any way, shape or form. But I could understand this, as we men all know a woman whom we’d run a bit of risk for. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.  But if another man can very accurately describe her bodily features in places only you should be seeing (hypothetically), then it’s got to get an alarm going in your head. Right?

Apparently, not for Chris.

As Govana and Moovementz carry on a lively discussion about the ridiculousness of the situation, Chris listens in and is still very much clueless. At first, I was a bit puzzled – “no man can ignore a full-blown conversation that he is hearing about himself. A it dis now, man.” Alas, this was not to be. One only needed to convince Chris that he was, in fact, describing another “Chris”. I then realized that this could actually be a thing, where men fail to look into subliminal meanings and conversational undertones that hold huge clues. As women like to declare, we miss the “hints and signs”.

In telling all the sides to a story, there are often three perspectives – my side, your side and the truth. The truth here was that Keisha and Tasha had been running the game all along. Govana, the story’s protagonist, is simply an example of a man who learns his lessons:

(Chris, member seh dem gyal ah wicked and lie/

(“Hahaha, dah one yah different man, mi really trust har”)/

Heh-hey! Suppose mi tell yuh seh all mi did f**k har?  Yuh know wah? F**k dat, mi done chat,

Last time mi tell yuh bout Keisha, dem seh mi love chat)

He puts past experiences to good use, and is literally able to enjoy the “best of both worlds” while Chris does the necessary work of being the financer for the whole team (“Nah man, mi buy har ah Mark X, button press/ Bare 10 grand US mi send har, nothing less”).

In business, sports, relationships and life, it is wise to know how one should invest their time and efforts. Every man who loves women will probably be clowned at some point, but this should only push to strengthen his resolve to go forth, seek and conquer. None of us are bound to each other so much so that we’re forced to be involved with one another, and if all are in agreement then any arrangement is possible. Morality aside, it’s only a joke when the joke’s on you – and most women are definitely smart enough to avoid that.

Blessings in abundance!



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