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Gustazos Jamaica: Ways to Benefit as a Consumer and as a Business

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What is Gustazos?

The word Gustazos is a Spanish term that is used to indicate a unique luxury or a special treat. Gustazos Jamaica is an online portal that helps the residents of Jamaica get some of the best deals through vouchers that are available on the website. These vouchers can be used to get really good discounts that can be as high as 90 percent off on products and services sold by merchants who wish to make these offers available through the website. You can claim these discounts on a range of products and services in various sectors such as shows, attractions, hotels, restaurants and much more. If properly utilized, both consumers and businesses can benefit equally from this e-commerce platform that has no upfront costs for its services. As a prerequisite for availing these offers, you must register yourself on the company’s website.

Gustazos Jamaica: Ways to Benefit as a Consumer and as a Business

Launch of Gustazos Jamaica

Gustazos launched its Jamaican operations in mid-2015. Interestingly, this is the second country of the launch of these services. Puerto Rico was the first to do so for the first time in 2011 as a subsidiary of Social Media Group. D’Next Step, a company dealing with leather sandals was the first to launch its marketing campaign in Jamaica through this platform in the year of its inception. The company managed to sell out all its vouchers that were listed on the portal in less than a day. This was followed by the sale of 500 vouchers offered by St Mary’s Wataland. Ever since, there has been no looking back. Today, Gustazos Jamaica has over 26,000 loyal users with the count increasing day by day. Every year, the company sees new merchants entering into an alliance in an effort to increasing their sales and increase their market reach.

Gustazos Jamaica: Ways to Benefit as a Consumer and as a Business

The Gustazos Jamaica website is easy to navigate and publishes promotions with discounts from partnering merchants, hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, and attractions to mention just a few. The discounts typically start from 50 percent and can be as high as 90 percent so that you get the best shopping experience.

Benefits for consumers from Gustazos

Once you are done with the registration process, you can check your e-mail regularly for alerts about the offers available. The e-mail will also give you instructions on what you should do to print your vouchers and use them. These vouchers will be available on the Gustazos Jamaica website. You can also share the vouchers with friends and/or relatives through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

Consumers can redeem the printed vouchers to buy the products to which they are applicable from the vendors that offered them. When you opt for deals for services like resort stays, the discounted rate includes the tax amount to make the price truly attractive. If you are availing this offer for a resort stay, you will have to submit your ID proof and discount coupon when you check in at the resort.

Benefits for businesses from Gustazos

While the vouchers on the e-commerce platform definitely create a smile on the faces of consumers, businesses have their own reasons to be happy with the cost-effective marketing tools that Gustazos has to offer. The promotional activities rendered are a blessing if you own a small or medium sized business in particular and have a minimum budget for marketing. With the offers that you put up for your business, you can sell your inventory that may have remained unsold for a long time. Through the online portal, you can provide a good discount on the actual cost of your products or services and increase your earning potential to the maximum extent possible. This can help your business to pick up especially when the sales are down. For example, if you own a hotel business, you can use the online platform to offer discount vouchers and fill up your rooms even during the off-season period when you would normally have less occupancy.

Gustazos Jamaica: Ways to Benefit as a Consumer and as a Business

Apart from making more sales, Gustazos can help businesses in several other ways. For example, the website can provide your business with assistance in reaching a larger group of people than you would normally expect. You can also use the e-commerce portal as a medium to boost your brand. Last but not least, the portal can help the name of a company to linger in the minds of consumers. With the right offer at the right time, you can convert many first-time buyers to repeat customers.

Terms and conditions for redeeming the vouchers

You must remember to abide by the terms and conditions listed by the merchant for the voucher offered on the Gustazos Jamaica website. You can read them when you click on a deal. Read them carefully and check whether they will work out for you before you purchase the voucher. Also, keep in mind that each voucher comes with an expiry date. You will not be able to use them to receive discounts after this date.

It is worth noting that these terms and conditions may change from voucher to voucher for the same merchant. Hence, if you choose your vouchers properly and use them wisely, you can get much more than you bargained for. In other words, you can make a lot of purchases and yet have your pockets relatively full at the end of the deal. This can, in turn make you a truly satisfied customer with the product or service that you have purchased using the Gustazos voucher.


Gustazos Jamaica aims at rendering a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers with every day offer on the best things to buy, eat, do and see across the island. By offering a wide range of vouchers, businesses benefit because they make good profits. At the same time, consumers are happy because they get all that they want at steal-deals from various sources. The website even promotes interesting deals on products and services that customers may not currently be looking for. The company has entered into a partnership with RJRGLEANER Communications Group in order to reach out to more consumers and provide more attractive deals.


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