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Give Jamaican Entrepreneurs Contracts

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Research proves that an entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.  An entrepreneur is incredibly hardworking, creative, persuasive, versatile, flexible, passionate and so much more.

We are willing to do what it takes to get our business out there no matter the cost.  We also believe that if Plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 other alphabets we can try.  With that being said, the question my Jamaican clients have been asking for a while, which I strongly believe should be raised to the public is, Why is it so hard to get funding for start-ups?

From a business perspective, it is incredibly risky for financial institutions to lend start-up’s funds which they can lose in an instant. However, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, how can we develop a business if no one is willing to take the risk with us?

My growing small business has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with talented Jamaicans.  From writing to fashion, it amazes me that Jamaica has so much undiscovered talent that either ends up wasted in Call Centers or has been put to use by other countries.

Society has made it clear that youths should only become traditional occupations such as Doctors, Lawyers, and Teachers.  Considering the curriculum in schools, it is clear that the education system supports this claim.

Where are the entrepreneurship, self-defense, and tax courses?  Why isn’t there any emphasis on allocating funds to teaching young Jamaicans how to become an entrepreneur, not just Managing a business but developing an individual into an entrepreneur?

What the Government Can Do

It is clear the government and large businesses are linked, so in an effort to show consideration and support to entrepreneurs, could I propose that Governments send contracts from large businesses to entrepreneurs?

You might think that is too much of a risk but consider these advantages:

1.      Cost-Efficient – Subletting the contract to an entrepreneur can save the Government and Large Organizations money in the long run.  Think about it instead of paying an organization to hire an employee, paid training, vacation time, sick time, benefits, etc, consider giving an entrepreneur one contract at one mutually agreeable price.

2.      Quality – A good entrepreneur is known for always putting their best foot forward in their work.  Our work of art is the craft that represents us wherever we go.  Therefore, you can guarantee that once you give an entrepreneur the contract to do a job, you will be getting the best from them.

3.      Flexible – Choosing an entrepreneur also gives you the added benefit of having a flexible person running your project.  This means that in the case you want something removed or added, an entrepreneur will find a way to do as you requested without little or no complaints or financial repercussions.

4.        Versatile – From an entrepreneur’s perspective, I can be the first to say that being versatile is one of my strongest traits.  Being given the opportunity to work in different fields with different people, there is a little bit to learn from everybody.  Though a designer may not know accounting in-depth, at least they would have an intermediate knowledge of the same, being that the environment we work in is conducive to learning from everyone.

5.      Creative & Passionate – We first got started in our entrepreneurial journey when we realized that our imagination and talents were far different from the average Jack.  Both of these allowed us to discover and explore our creativity and fell in love with our work.  Thus it is easy for us to say that we are passionate about our work.  It is said that once “you find something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and you will find that is true with entrepreneurs.

Considering the five (5) pointers above do you think we can bring this issue to the forefront of Jamaican minds?


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