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Get Those Coins: The YouTube Monetization Process

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Do you have a YouTube channel that you want to earn money from but don’t know the appropriate way to go about doing so? Well this article aims to highlight how you can go about to doing just that. We will be looking on the monetization requirements, the best time to monetize, the process to activate monetization and also factors and statistics that may impact your pay for your YouTube Channel.


Video production has been a growing industry especially “youtubing”. Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to earn money as a passive income or even a full-time job depending on your dedication, your consistency and the quality content you put out. It is something fun to do, pleasing and all that is required is for you to find a topic or theme your passionate about, which is very important and also some editing software for example VIdeoMaker or even iMovie to bring your videos to life. But while it might be fun you would also like to be paid or recognized for your valuable time and effort.

Now as a YouTuber, the first thing to do to get to that bag is to know the monetization requirements. Monetization is the action or process of earning revenue from an asset or a business.  To be eligible for monetization, you have to have at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours. The 4000 watch hours has to be annual hours. For example, if you started your YouTube channel 3 years ago and you got 4000 views your still not eligible to be monetized, because it has to be within one year, this is basically to encourage channels to  get high enough traffic for their channel, especially if they produce quality content. However, there is a way to find out how far along you are by reaching you target in regards by using the Creator’s Studio on your channel and just simply go to the Status Tab. There you will see all YouTube functionalities that you acquire during the stage of your channel.

Status Tab
Picture of YouTube Monetization Tab

So, after you become eligible, you will be looking at the process to activate your monetization. First of all, you need to know that YouTube is actually not the company that pays you, it is actually Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on your YouTube videos and get paid when visitors click on them. You will have to sign up for Google AdSense, where they will ask you for basic personal information and also your business information if you have a business and account information so they can direct deposit your money to you every month. Activation of Google AdSense might take a couple days where they will send a code or pin number to your email or through mail to confirm verification. Once you input your number, they then also have to confirm your banking information, so they might randomly send you some cents to your account and you have to confirm the number of cents they sent to that.  Once all this information is confirmed, you can then go on your channel and proceed to activate monetization on your eligible videos.

Thirdly, you need to know when to actually monetize. Personally, I would wait a couple of months to allow myself to delivery adequate content and generate a lot of traffic before placing ads in my videos. However, you could monetize as soon as your eligible to do so, especially if you’re getting a lot of traction for some of your videos. Monetizing earlier might be even more convenient, for example, to speed up payments. It might take them weeks to send your pin number through the mail or the money to your account. So, the process might take a while. So, when do you get paid? Well YouTube pays you once a month on the 21st. For example, for the month of July you would get July’s pay on August 21st and August’s pay on September 21st and so forth.  The threshold is also $100 US, so you would also have to make that amount in the previous month to get the present month’s pay.


But how much money can you actually get paid? There are actually some niches that get a lot of traffic more than others and sponsorship pay way more than YouTube ads. So, if a you’re a Youtuber, you should work with the perspective of getting more sponsorship for your channel, rather than depending solely on Google Ads, if you want to make the big bucks. However, there are several factors that play into how much you get paid.  One such factor is your CPM (cost per mille) which is the average gross revenue per thousand playbacks on which an ad was shown, which is basically per thousand views on an ad. This is the average that you will be making. Another big factor that determines how much you get paid is your target audience or your niche. What is your channel about? Channels about tech, and entrepreneurship and finance are the channels that gravitate audiences and encourage the audience to purchase to buy or invest in a product or service. They tend to have more CPM’s and the audience is probably more adult or mature and are willing to spend money.

Another factor is how frequently you have your ads showing in your videos. You do have control of how many ads you can use, where to place them and also the type of ads you want shown. Personally, I don’t thing the video should be bombarded with a lot of ads. I think three should be the maximum per video. So, placing of ads should be strategic and not over bearing to turn the audience off.

I hope you found this article informative about how you can go about earning through your YouTube channel. Just follow the outline procedures and you will be right on track. Make sure your channel has quality content that makes people wonder when will you post another video. Happy YouTubing!


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