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Friday February 19, 2021

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It’s Friday night and instead of relaxing myself getting a drink watching a movie or going out with friends, I am here in my bed worrying.


Too much bad news that’s it there’s too much bad news. every day in the newspapers or on the news on the television or through social media there is too much crime and violence. When will it end? I ask myself this question every single day because it is crazy to know that you could be on your last 24 hours on this planet and you and your family are unaware.

About two hours ago I read a newspaper article where a mother went past a crime scene to the market while shopping one of our relatives called her and told her that’s the crime scene was that of her daughter. Can you imagine that feeling? Within the same newspaper, I read another article a few pages after we are a young man who was murdered by his childhood friend here in Jamaica. the thing that got me the hardest was that this man only just got married in December 2018 so they would have just celebrated two years of marriage last year. She will never get the chance to hug her husband kiss him to have sex with him cook for him take him out love him nurture him ever again all because his childhood friend could not control his anger.

Just like that, a family has lost a brother, son, and husband.

Millions of lives are snuffed out every day by diseases, crime, and violence, accidents, Natural disasters, suicide, terrorism, etc. The world is on fire and it is just a cycle of greed with every generation. 

The stress is too much to bear for most of us and we become more stressed and draw further away from things that are more important all because we need to survive. Things like family and most importantly our Creator, Jehovah.

Do we not see that Satan has the whole world in his hands? The world bows to the devil and so many people are unaware that they are worshipping him from:

  • Committing Suicide / Abortions
  • Murdering someone
  • Fornication / Adultery / Homosexuality/ Bestiality
  • Drunkenness / Greed / Gambling
  • Spiritism/Idolatry/ False Worship

The other day I was scrolling through Tik Tok and saw a video where The Weekend was performing and “Satan” came up quickly in the background screens screaming that this was a performance in the name of the Devil. People are there under the illusion that they are just enjoying the music of someone they admire without realizing that they are doing an act of worship to the devil himself. 

All this talk about Satan and distraction is there any way we can pull ourselves out of the gutter if we’ve found we have fallen too deep? Or we are too far away from the net that was cast out to save us?

Of course, one Creator Jehovah did not make us and leave us on the earth to suffer, he not only knows each one of us but he CARES for us. All you need to do is call on his name, pray to him and do so genuinely. 


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