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Free Entertainment: Movies and Tv Shows Part 2

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Firstly the legal speagle talk……. a.k.a Disclaimer!:

(You could just skip this bit…..)


I know the topic this series will focus on may fall into the grey category of socially acceptable norms. They are several websites out there that will offer you copyrighted material for free when they are not the owners of said material. These sites are numerous and some are dangerous posing major threats to your device’s systems and your personal security. I recommend these options to you after thoroughly investigating and testing these sites and apps for myself. I am in no way sponsored or monetarily compensated for presenting these as an option to you. As often as possible I encourage you as upstanding citizens to support the entertainers you love, the companies you admire, and the artforms you enjoy through their completely legal and official channels. That being said, and any lawyer who is worth is “Mercedes- Benz per hour rate” will add the caveat that it depends,  it’s not a crime to stream movies….. but downloading is a big no-no.


Now….. for the good stuff.




Fun Fact:

It is a social network service for classmates and old friends. It is especially used in Russia and the former Soviet Republic. The site was developed by Albert Popkov and launched on March 4, 2006.

The Low-down:

Last week I used it to watch Jaws. This week I watched a whole bunch of movies from the 1930’s- 1950’s ( I like my classics sue me!- figuratively of course :)).  It’s fast and it’s easy to use. I question whether anybody actually uses it for its original purpose as all I see are a bunch of movies wonderfully being offered for free….. but you know what they say about the road to hell. If you like old, hard to find movies this is the place for you.

Pros: No ADS! (whoopee!!!)



To get full access to the movie options I’d recommend you signup, the process is fast,  relatively painless and free.



Description( excerpt from their youtube bio)

PizzaFLIX is a passion project created by two film industry professionals with 50 years of combined experience. We control one of the largest, privately-held broadcast-quality film & TV libraries of its kind

The Low-down:

If you like old movies this is the place for you if you like things made after the turn of the century it is not. They have an app, they have a youtube channel and they also have( last I heard) problems with youtube wanting to shut down their channel because it’s not commercially viable…. dang corporate America. Anyhoosie they are still in operation now and hopefully, they will stay that way because they have a massively impressive movie selection.


Pros: Signup isn’t necessary



Youtube Ads

Youtube may try to shut them down

Tubi tv


Tubi is an American, ad-supported, streaming service owned by Fox Corporation. The service first launched in 2004 and is based in San Fransisco, California.Thousands of movies and TV shows. Always Free. 100% Legal.


The Low-down:

Once again the game of luck. They have a lot of everything and not much of anything. They have a nice old movie section and everything else from horror movies to anime.


Pros : No signup


Cons:   Ads

Not the best selection

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  • Picture by William White on Unsplash



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