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Football League Sponsorship Row – Spat Between JFF & PLCA Grows

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No sport can survive in present time without sponsorship. A popular sport like football thrives on sponsorship money that keeps both players and the team management happy. In Jamaican football though, a new crisis has arisen with the Jamaican Football Federation (JFF) and the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) at odds on who should be negotiating with the sponsors, for the league sponsorship. The issue has been triggered by a letter that asks the PLCA to stop all negotiations for sponsorships. PLCA wants that letter from JFF withdrawn.

Who’s Better at Closing Sponsorship Deals?

To a neutral outsider, this would appear to be a case of ‘one-upmanship’. JFF’s General Secretary, Dalton Wint, tells the PLCA that they will take over the discussions regarding the sponsorship arrangements. The letter by the JFF General Secretary makes it clear that all kinds of discussions, whether with the current or future sponsors, will be handled by them. Now PLCA feels that JFF has no business telling them to stop the discussions. They point out that the JFF has not succeeded so far in roping in a sponsor for itself and therefore, how good can they be in finding one for the league? The representatives involved here are Dalton Wint, JFF, and Carvel Stewart, who is the Vice Chairman of the Premier League Clubs Association. Stewart has taken the helms on behalf of the PLCA and who has been issuing statements.

No Major Conflict Says Stewart

Stewart has spoken to the media and mentioned that there are, as such, no disputes or conflicts between the JFF and PLCA. It is just that having already progressed to an advanced stage of negotiations, being asked to desist from holding parleys at this stage serves no purpose. He has however indicated that they have formed a new steering committee to handle the sponsorship talks. For good measure, the two bodies held a meeting last week, though no major decisions seems to have been taken.

Considering the future of Jamaican football, it would be better if the JFF and PLCA can work together instead of being at at odds with each other.


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