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Flying with Jordan Samuels

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Being a pilot is a career that I’ve always admired, and I knew of a son of the Jamaican soil who could show me his perspective and experience. It was about 9 p.m. last night when I had the idea to check on Mr. Samuels. I picked up the phone and gave him a link. After inquiring of his health and he of mine, I asked his permission to get some feedback from him regarding his career. May he be blessed to overflowing.


How did you know you wanted to be a pilot?

“I was always mesmerized by airplanes whenever I would go to the airport, to the famous waving gallery at Norman Manley International Airport as a young boy. I would come home from school just to watch aircraft investigations on National Geographic so I could actively learn from other pilot’s mistakes. I would also watch documentaries on how certain aircraft were built and as such, it gave me the passion to one day pursue my dreams.”


How does it feel to be flying in the air?

“When you’re in the air, it gives a feel unlike no other. It allows me to escape the worries of the world and just take in the beauty of the sky and the earth. It makes you sit back in awe of how powerful God is.”


What are some of the challenges you faced on your journey ?

“Some challenges I face often – when I went through training, it was staying motivated. It was hard at times but I kept my eyes on the end goal (which is to become an airline pilot) which then gave the push I needed to overcome the obstacles that may come my way.”


How are you adapting to the current social and economic climate?

“Due to COVID-19 airlines have stopped flying as much, and as such opened my eyes to the fact that it is very important to have multiple streams of income. I have started my company, Techno Savy Solutions, LLC as a way to keep my portfolio as diverse as possible.”


What advice do you have for anyone who’d want to follow in your footsteps?

“Keep your head up, anything that is worth it is never easy. Always remember the end goal and pursue your dreams with the utmost tenacity. Be relentless with your passion and never stop even when life throws everything at you. Never let the sky be your limit, but rather make it your point of view. ”


I asked if there were any more aspects of the job that he would like to share, or maybe if he could educate me on some principles that the average person wouldn’t necessarily know.


Interesting Facts:


  1. Flying is safer than driving your own car statistically.
  2. Just like how cars have highways to travel from city to city, we have airways which aircraft use to fly from airport to airport or country to country.
  3. We have speed limits when aircraft is flying below 10,000 feet.


Blessings in abundance!


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