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Farewell to a Visionary- Edward Seaga’s Contributions to Jamaica

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When a great man has fallen, a nation must rise up and pay tribute. In honouring the late great Most Honourable Edward Phillip George Seaga, one must showcase the major contributions of the former Prime Minister. Seemingly from birth, Young Edward devoted his life to the country of Jamaica. From attending Wolmer’s Boys School to attaining a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences from Harvard University and later becoming a part of University boards, Former Prime Minister Seaga has led by example in making education a key to growth and success.

Notable Contributions

In elaborating on his contributions, it must first be noted that he was the last of the pre-independence politicians. He had a wealth of information on the Jamaican society and the changes that have been experienced over the years. Edward Seaga served as Prime Minister of Jamaica for the period November 1980 to February 1989.

Did you know that in 1961, he was a member of the committee that created Jamaica’s Independence Constitution?

Seaga was very instrumental in the initiation process of rewriting the current Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (1969), JAMPRO (1981), Urban Development Corporation (1968) and the EX-IM Bank (1986) are institutions that have remained strong and are vital to the development of the Jamaica society. These great institutions are just a few of those that were founded by Jamaica’s fifth Prime Minister.

Students that are able to attend college using student loans must give thanks to Mr. Seaga as he established the Student Loans Bureau. This organization continuously makes it possible for individuals to achieve their dreams.

The Heart Trust/NTA, which is very instrumental in certifying individuals with skills and knowledge, was also founded by former Prime Minister Seaga. Hotel Managers, Executive Chefs, Contractors and Office Managers are just a few of the roles that have been filled by HEART Graduates.

Seaga is also credited with the development of the Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Waterfronts. These places have greatly improved the look of the parishes, and this is owing to the beauty of Jamaica that Seaga conceptualized and believed in.

He also transformed the Back O’ Wall area into Tivoli Gardens. He idealized it to be a modern community, equipped with a community centre and health clinic. The Tivoli Gardens’ citizens are continuously grateful for this contribution.

Edward Seaga is a prominent figure in the implementation of modern computerized technology for the revenue collection agency, as such the issuance of tax registration numbers is because of his actions. He also created the General consumption tax by fixing the indirect tax system.

A notable contribution made by the former Prime Minister was the preservation of Jamaica as a democratic Nation. In the 1983 early General Election, the People’s National Party refused to participate due to the refusal of the JLP to change the electoral roll. This led to the JLP securing 54 seats unopposed and 6 against minor parties; they had all 60 seats of the House. Rather than creating a dictatorship, Mr. Seaga appointed non-JLP senators to maintain a fair and democratic structure.

Farewell Most Hon. Edward Phillip George Seaga

There are many other contributions that the Most Hon. Edward Seaga made to the Jamaican society; which have been vital to the growth and development of the island. The people of Jamaica are grateful for the commitment he had to building this nation to the Crown Jewel that it has the possibility to becoming.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that a State Funeral will be held for the Former Leader.



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