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Exploring Jamaica- Island Tourist

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We are now fresh off our Emancipation and Independence celebrations, where we sported our pride of being Jamaican. Black, gold and green were sure to be flowing through our veins, as we immersed ourselves in our vibrant culture. We donned our colours and played our music. We ate the rich and delicious food, laughed and drank with friends and family. It was truly a festive Jamaican period of celebration. Dipping our toes in the sand at the public beaches or singing our national anthem at any national event. It was a joyous time. Even if some were taking the holiday as a rest day, it was guaranteed that the television programmes of our heritage were watched. We celebrated Jamaica in our own little way.

The Beauty of Our Jamaica

Jamaica is without a doubt, a very beautiful island. The scenic views are sure to capture one’s attention. It is a fact that not many places can boast some of our views. Even if they were to come close, our vibrant and explosive culture will certainly offer the difference. Our actions and words find us many time on social media making it known that Jamaica in fact, is not a real place. We are a people with a dialect and way of words that will have us bursting with laughter at our silliness. We make sure to represent Jamaica anywhere in the world that we are. Flags flown high or Jamaican statements on our t-shirts, we are sure to make Jamaica proud.

Do you know Jamaica?

Sadly though, many of us don’t really know Jamaica. At times, our career and life can make it difficult to give Jamaica any “loving”. Routines often constrict us to one area. Work, school, home, repeat…the cycle that will continuously have us in a circle, a very small circle. The high prices of experiencing certain places will also give us second thoughts on even deciding to take a step out of our comfort zone. Nevertheless, there are in fact many little places and events that take place around the island that cost little or no money.

Taking on the Life of a Tourist

A tourist is defined as a person who travels or visits a place for pleasure. In visiting any other country, we tend to be very open to experiencing many different things. We tour around cities, visit heritage buildings, museums, art galleries, we do it all. Let us start to experience Jamaica, as we would explore any other place. Choose Jamaica as your next vacation spot; make it a staycation. All of our parishes boast beautiful places, which you are guaranteed to love.

For instance, in Downtown Kingston, there are so many different museums, an art gallery, and even the beautiful waterfront, which is there for all to view the beauty of the majestic harbour. All these places are at reasonable prices, and some are even free. Here is a list of some

Marcus Garvey Museum

National Art Gallery

National Museum Jamaica

Simon Bolivar Museum

The Downtown, Kingston area is also slowly but surely turning into an art district, the group of individuals called the Kingston Creatives is actively making that happen. Recently, they had a Market Street event, which showcased the different craft businesses, as well as the different art murals that are scattered all over. It was a nice event that showcased the different elements of Kingston. There was food, music and wonderful art. There are many such events that are taking place all over the island.

Start living the life of a tourist in this beautiful island. We simply have so many different heritage sites, rivers, adventures and mountain trails around Jamaica. Just as how we would book a tour in another country, why not do the same in Jamaica?


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