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When I first started my business Instagram page, I had no idea what I was doing. I saw many pages with 100,000, 600,000, even 3,000,000 followers and I wondered how they reached that level of popularity. I’d always wondered how they not only built their network but maintained it.

After spending hours researching I found the answers to the following questions that we will discuss in this article, “How are we suppose to engage our audience, gain more followers and turn our fan base into customers?” Let us consider five ways:

#1: Use Influencers

The influencer you want is not the one with the most followers; it is the one with the right following. This person(s) is the one(s) that will represent you, your brand. Have you ever heard the saying: “Two heads are better than one?”  Well, this is the case for you and your future ambassador; find someone that shares similar goals as you, authentic, and are willing to work with you all year round.

#2: Use your hashtags

Some people say use no more than seven others say use more than eleven, I say use what you want. The key is to use the hashtags that relate to your product or service. For example, if your content targets women in business you want to use hashtags related to such topics.

#successfulwomen #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #womanpower #womanceo #femaleentrepreneur #girlpower #womeninpower

Instagram Growth Tip

Type ten hashtags that relate to your post on your Instagram story, pinch them to get smaller them put a GIF or sticker over the text so that it is perfectly hidden



#3 Put yourself out there

Sure, you have the highest quality photos and you are using all the relevant hashtags, but are you putting yourself out there? Are you showing your audience the face behind the brand? People want to feel connected to a brand especially when just starting up. Let them see your face, let them know who you are and what your brand is about. Let them know what is going on within, let them know why you are so passionate about your brand, and most importantly allow them to help you grow your brand.

#4 Maintain the Interaction

When you start receiving the attention you worked so hard for you want to maintain the interaction by engaging with your audience specifically responding to the comments left under your photos or in your DMs.

Acknowledge receipt and show appreciation by responding professionally under each comment; this small action tells your followers that you genuinely care about them and that there is a real person behind the posts.

#5 Be the eagle, not the pigeon

Do you know how many persons just like you are out there? That’s correct, none! But, there are a lot of persons doing the same things you are doing or thinking of doing. Find something that will set you apart from the rest which may require you to step out of your comfort zone for a bit. Find your niche and find out what will set you apart from everyone else because the goal is to stand out, not blend in. Give your audience a reason to keep returning to your page; feed and give them their desires.

In conclusion, the best ways to build, engage and maintain our audience on Instagram is to use influencers to help us promote our brands, use hashtags relating to our niche or a specific post made on our page, let your followers know the person behind the brand, maintain the interaction no matter how much followers you have to keep engaging with followers under your comments or DMs and ensure you are being yourself, work on what you do best and continue mastering your craft.

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