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In acquiring things of necessity, one usually does not pay much attention to the cost. As it is something that is needed in life, the sheer importance diminishes any concerns. Sadly, one rarely gives any thought to those who are unable to afford such items. It is not a case of being insensitive, but a case of being unaware. A pack of sanitary napkins is one such thing. These are essential items that are needed by women and girls every month. Unfortunately, it has a cost. It is not something that is easily accessible to many, especially when food is the main concern.

Menstruation= No Education

It has been stated that some girls are unable to attend school due to not having this resource. In addition, they do not get the comfort and protection when they are menstruating. A few of the resources that have to be utilized in lieu of pads are rags, leaves and even newspapers. As a result, they miss out on valuable information from school. This can drastically reduce their chances of receiving good grades. Subsequently, this can negatively affect their lives. How are they expected to learn in that condition?


The Herflow Foundation in Jamaica has recognized this major problem within the society. They have brought to Jamaica this wonderful initiative that Always had created. For every Always pack that is purchased, one will be donated. One Pack equals one donation. This programme will run from March 22, 2019 to June 22, 2019. Jamaica, as a society, is urged to join in the fight to end period poverty.



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