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Denbigh 2019 Will be More Structured- JAS President

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The annual Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show will be held this year in the first week of August. Conducted under the auspices of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), the organisers want the event to be meaningfully utilised instead of being seen as just an outing for the families to visit and forget. This is the first Denbigh Show since Mr. Lenworth Fulton has taken office as the President of JAS, and he has taken upon himself the responsibility to make a difference. He has shared his vision for this year’s event to showcase Jamaica’s capabilities in the agricultural sector to the world.

A New Theme and Broader Objectives

According to Mr. Fulton, the theme for the Denbigh 2019 event will be ‘Grow What We Eat … Eat What We Grow; Aligning Farming Decisions with Climatic Conditions’. Some of the key result areas the JAS sees for the agricultural and farming sector in Jamaica include computerisation in the field of agriculture, efficient use of irrigation, and appropriate mechanisation. Now, the steps needed to achieve these objectives will have to be conceptualised and implemented, taking all the stakeholders along.

The JAS President believes that the Denbigh 2019 platform must be fully exploited for this purpose. He is, therefore, impressing upon the participating companies to display their technologies at the fair with all seriousness and with a view to woo the Jamaican farmers. That will pave the way for some purposeful discussions among the sellers and prospective buyers which will potentially result in business.

Better Amenities for the Farmers Envisaged

It is also significant that the sector itself is receiving increased attention following the decision of the government to palm off the farming sector’s oversight to this autonomous body, the Jamaica Agricultural Society. The JAS is, therefore, taking a holistic view of the sector and initiating reforms where needed. The idea of computerisation and mechanisation, for example, is being recommended as a nation-wide solution, irrespective of the size of the land the farmer holds. At the same time, JAS has mooted a new scheme with a few insurance companies that can offer group health, group life, and group personal accident coverage in a single policy making it easier for the farmers to pay the premium. It is also looking at structuring subsidies for such premiums where possible.

There may also be a separate fund to be raised through contributions from the farmers and augmented through other investment resources, which will act as a contingency reserve for the community.


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