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Dear Woman’s Love

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Dear Woman’s Love

Finding the path to love oneself is the hardest thing when you don’t have the know-how.

Just imagine each morning waking up the night before saying to yourself, “when I wake up tomorrow morning I’m going to feel confident I’m going to look at myself and take note of one thing I love about me”. Then when you do wake it’s hard to even get up. You don’t have the energy and frankly, you just don’t have the strength. How do we push through? How do we get up and look at the mirror and appreciate one thing that we like instead of seeing all the things that are wrong with us? It’s hard, I’m telling you because I’m going through it right now.

It is hard, but, THANK GOD, it is not impossible.

So let me give you a glance into what I’m going through. Saturday night I said I would get up in the morning, sit down in front of my dresser and look at every feature that I have in my face and point out why I like that area, it’s now Wednesday it hasn’t happened yet. However, on Tuesday I put on a specific dress and saw something that I didn’t usually see. I saw curves and for the first time in a long time, I couldn’t stop looking.  I started to appreciate What I was seeing, I could not believe it. Mark you, my husband and many others have complimented me many times but then I caught myself and I whispered a short prayer. I said, “Lord thank you for allowing me to see myself through someone else eyes. I am now starting to appreciate me. I am now starting to appreciate my Flaws and my lumps and for that, I am grateful, amen”. That day I had the slightest bounce in my step. Indeed, I’m far from where I should be in terms of loving myself but for once I looked in the mirror and did not have to be convinced by my husband that I was beautiful, for once I saw the slightest resemblance of what he was saying all this time.

Self Love is not a highway. It’s a bumpy journey filled with the world deepest potholes, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. It doesn’t mean that we are never going to have that satisfaction. Sometimes when we hear the negative comments, that’s all we focus on. What we don’t realize, is that we’re in a crowd of positivity listening for only that one negative person that is shouting on top of their lungs and majority of the time that negative person is us. We try so hard to cover up what we are, that it becomes a lie we start to believe and because of that, we start to lose the meaning of our personality.

Self Love is finding you and loving you no matter the negativity you might face, or the hardship you might go through. It’s not to make you any softer, sure, sometimes we might have to cry but the best thing about it is when we’re finished crying we don’t sit in our puddles of tears but we get up. We put on our finest smile and we keep fighting. We need to see that when we have self love it allows us and pushes us to, despite the odds keep growing and most importantly if we don’t have it, we don’t have the cushion we need to bounce off all the negativity around us, so in other words, we turned sponges soaking up that negativity pushed to us and reliving it each day so that it becomes over reality. This pitiful movement that needs to stop. We are much more than that. We are much stronger than that.

What if we don’t know our strength? What if we can’t love ourselves enough? How will we ever know how much we can give.

The funny thing about it is, that people like me, we can give the best advice about life and it works. When we’re supposed to internalize though that same advice we can’t, we have become so broken so much so that it affects everything around us, our job, our life and even our family. We keep saying that we don’t want to be a burden when in reality we have become a burden to ourselves. We have become so pitiful that is hard to fight for what we believe in Well I stand as living proof of how hard this journey is but I guarantee you.

You will not fight alone.

We stand together on the journey of embracing our self and expanding our view of love.




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