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Dear Woman Pride

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Dear Woman Pride,

Gone are the days where our young girls have pride, respect themselves and expect nothing less than the best for themselves. We are now in an era where our girls expect little and nothing. It is okay, and now the norm, for a man to mistreat, degrade and emotionally abuse our girls and we, the public at large, will laugh in their faces. We have allowed this society to influence our girls so much so that they no longer can think for themselves. Have we, as John Q. Public, become so callous to the reality of what this actually is doing to our ladies, our girls growing up, or have we developed a nasty habit of turning our backs to the dangers presented before us?

Some may say that this is not the case but can we confidently say that we have done enough as the Jamaican public to protect and guide our women; can we say that under no circumstances have we allowed the girls from our communities to fall victim to the debauched aspects of society? If the answer is no, then we have contributed to this problem. I, myself, am guilty of not reaching out enough to those who were around me. So how long shall we stand aside and look on as our young girls create problems for themselves because of their lack of self-worth? They humiliate themselves for our entertainment because society has expressed that there is no such thing as negative publicity. It’s all just publicity; a way of getting people to know who you are. There are no rules or rubric to differentiate what is sensible from what is just unacceptable. We have done that to our girls, we do not appreciate them for who they are. However, when they find themselves in sticky situations, seeking attention or anything else that comes close to that, we tune in and it is only at that time that we voice our many opinions; mostly out of context when we had the chance to change what is in front of us.

This must not continue! We must take responsibility for our actions! We must take responsibility for the fact that our girls could have been so much better if we had just loved more, cared more and appreciated them more. It’s never too late for a shower of rain, so as you read this now, pledge within your heart that-

 …in a callous world, I will show love, I will show a caring attitude to the ladies of tomorrow, I will appreciate them for who they are and not who they pretend to be. I will teach them the meaning of value for this is the beginning of Woman Pride.


A Concerned Woman


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