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Dear Mr. Gunman…

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I genuinely hope this letter finds you doing as well as you can be in your possible circumstances.

If you are reading this and own a legal gun, I do wish you the best and pray for wisdom in all your endeavours and undertakings. I pray for protection for your families, success in your business, and compassion in your dealings. However, this letter is not for you.

I’m writing to the ones with illegal guns who see it necessary to shoot and kill for fun, for stress relief, to rob and take, and to hurt and threaten. I’m getting to understand that the cold-hearted among us are more in touch with their feelings than we think, and so I’m trying to appeal to the side of you that can feel. You may be tired; you may be running; you may be depressed. You may even think that life can have no other end, no other option. I’m here to tell you that you might be right.

You must be frustrated. This is understandable. The country we live in is rough, and often described as “not a real place”. People suffer here day and night, alongside those who may have never seen or heard suffering except by news reports or stories passed around in the usual circle of friends. Adding to these difficulties is simply not the answer, my friend. Life is full of cycles, and you must reap what you sow.

Believe me now when I tell you that, unless you decide to try and make a change, nothing will change. Everything on this earth that we put our trust in can fail us at any time. This includes the guns you buy/borrow/steal. I’m not a man of the streets, and I can guess that you’ve probably seen a rougher life than I have. It doesn’t make me better than you, and the fact that you’re brutal and di baddes’ ting a road doesn’t make you better than me. We share an existence that is not a mistake.

Being broke and hungry is not a nice thing. But what is worse is having a target on your back. You may be left wondering if the police will get you today, or if you can trust your friends when your back is turned. That kind of paranoia will eat away at your soul if you let it. Hurting people and their family members and expecting nothing in return is like standing in the middle of the road and expecting all the cars and buses and trucks to drive around you with respect. It’s probably not going to happen, and if you do get hit down you may never get back up again.

The money you want to stock and pile can’t follow you when you’re dead; it’s best to use it here while you’re alive, but you can only get the best use of it when it’s clean and you’re free to walk about as you wish. You may even get lonely sometimes – not even your gun can fill that emptiness. You know it. I know it. If you have people around you that you DO care for, they’re probably so afraid of you that it hurts. I don’t know if that kind of life is worth it to you.

I’ll stop here. You don’t need the preaching. You may not even read this, and if you do you might laugh it off. I understand. Just remember that we all get what is coming to us, no matter who we are or where we might be, or how many guns we have. In this life, you’ll need much more than straps and bullets.

If you do read this…there’s still time to change.

Blessings in abundance!


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