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Court Releases Daniel Rose Citing Lack of Evidence

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An eight year old case has come to a close in the Gun Court in downtown Kingston freeing Daniel Rose, Reggae singer, from charges brought against him for allegedly shooting at his neighbour. The incident relates to a complaint filed back in 2011. Daniel Rose was a resident of Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew, then, and his neighbour filed a complaint with the police that Rose had entered his house and had shot at him.

The charges pressed against Daniel Rose were that of shooting with intent and for illegal possession of a firearm. The complaint, as described by his neighbour, stated that the complainant was at his residence early one morning of December 2011, when the door to his house was kicked open and people, including Daniel Rose, entered with weapons and opened fire. The complainant said he managed to escape and was not hurt during the shooting. After filing a complaint against the singer, Rose was arrested.

At the time of the cross-examination at the Gun Court in downtown Kingston, however, many of these claims could not stand legal scrutiny. Attorney-at-law, Peter Champagnie, conducted the cross-examination. Rose’s neighbour admitted when questioned, that he had not recognised the voice he heard at his house on that morning as that of Daniel Rose. Going further, when the shooting occurred, the lights outside his house were switched off, according to the complainant.

When the court heard these statements, it took no time to make a decision that the evidence presented before it was not sufficient to conclude that the accused, Daniel Rose, had indeed been present or was responsible for the shooting, that happened on that December 2011 daybreak.

For the record, Daniel Rose, whose popularity is through local Reggae singing, is also the nephew of Buju Banton, a Reggae icon in his own right. Now that he has been freed from the charges brought against him, the case can be said to be closed unless the complainant decides to go in for appeal.


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