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Corporal Rasheem McGowan

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What was your experience like in the U.S. Marine Corps?

 “My experience was great mostly, but with everything it has its ups and downs. The experience to travel to different countries was one of the biggest highlights. Also it prepared me mentally for a tough world. It allowed me to gain experience in my field of specialty and in turn I started my own business with it and it gave me the opportunity also to work for one of the biggest train companies in the US. Schooling was also another major trade off as they had pretty much paid for my schooling and housing when I was attending school.”


What rank have you achieved?

“I came out as an E-4 Corporal.”


Do you think Jamaica would benefit if military service became mandatory for a number of years for all citizens?

“Personally I don’t think so. I believe it would be beneficial for the people who really want to be there and would put the effort in to gain knowledge and other skills that that type of environment naturally promotes. To me, if it’s mandatory, the attitude that people would have is to either find a way around it or the effort would not be there. Who really wants to be forced to do something because someone else said so?”


How has the time added to your overall development?

“The military made me very mature in a short space of time. I had to grow up real fast because nothing is handed to you in there and the last thing you want to be is a slacker. There’s little to no room for that. With that, I started to see the bigger picture in life. It taught me how to manage my money, set attainable goals and meet them, be disciplined and have respect for people no matter their age, race or background (NB – the American military has people from every single race and background). It taught me how to be patient, have self-control and have tact which you definitely need working with all different types of people.”


In your own words, what makes a male a “real man?”

“A real man is one who takes cares of his responsibilities, one who can adapt and overcome anything that’s thrown his way. A real man is one who can be considered a role model to others for the right reasons, someone who can guide and mentor you to be a better person. He must be respectful, one who can show emotions but be tough at the same time. A real man is one who has integrity.”


“The United States Marine Corps (USMC), also referred to as the United States Marines, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting expeditionary and amphibious operations with the United States Navy as well as the Army and Air Force. The U.S. Marine Corps is one of the eight uniformed services of the United States. The Marine Corps has been a component of the U.S. Department of the Navy since 30 June 1834, working closely with naval forces. The USMC operates installations on land and aboard sea-going amphibious warfare ships around the world. Additionally, several of the Marines’ tactical aviation squadrons, primarily Marine Fighter Attack squadrons, are also embedded in Navy carrier air wings and operate from the aircraft carriers.” – Wikipedia


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