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Continued Violence in Clarendon; MP Reiterates Demand for ZOSO

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The three parishes where a state of emergency has been imposed are showing signs of improvement but things are still not so quiet in Clarendon especially the parish’s capital, May Pen. Mike Henry, the MP from Central Clarendon, has once again made a fervent appeal to the government that a Zone of Special Operation, ZOSO, be established in the town to contain the atrocities being committed by the hoodlums. The MP was referring to the incidents of violence and his experience when he happened to be at one of the crime scenes. He felt the situation in May Pen was ripe for a ZOSO.

Violence Unabated in the Parish

The incidents of violence referred to by the MP do call for some concerted action from the authorities as well as the security forces. In a horrifying incident, policemen were fired upon and injured. This incident alone highlights the impunity with which these anti-social elements operate and the scant regard they have for the police force. The island’s security forces will have to join hands and comb the area to flush out the criminals. If the State of Emergency is not sufficient, then the suggestion of the MP to establish the ZOSO should be considered.

Maintaining Peace in the Parish Essential

The Jamaican government has the responsibility to establish peace in the region so that the public can carry on with their normal lives. They should be able to walk or ride through the streets without fear and providing them the protection is the duty of the government. Lawlessness affects the economy in the region as well and the first to be affected are those from the marginalised sections of the society. When violence escalates, many businesses shut down and these people lose their jobs. Some of the unemployed youth take to violence out of sheer frustration and the cycle of violence continues.

Hopefully, the voice of MP Henry, will be heard and ZOSO or any other security arrangement will be brought in, that can rapidly control the violence, apprehend the criminals and bring them to justice.

Over to the Ministry of National Security.


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