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Life is a matter of things that take place in a ripple effect. As you read this, I want you to take the time. Take the time to think.

Everything that you have done in your life – all your activities, successes, failures, and beliefs – they have all led you to the point where you are today. Some of us like where we are; in cases like this, I encourage you to give thanks (as you may already be doing) and keep living in the happiness you have carved for yourself. Some of us, on the other hand, wish that things were different and we were dealt a different set of cards. To this sect, I also encourage you to give thanks.

It is cliche to hear that things could always be worse. While there is truth to this, my opinion is that we cannot downplay how we feel about our situation. Even if I’m not a starving child in Africa or a poor ghetto youth in Jamaica, I can still feel ungrateful. There are root causes to these feelings, and my personal validation is as important as universal selfless denial. The problem is when we lose the balance between the two.

I need you to simply appreciate where you are in a given moment. This is not about hating your journey, or loving it…but just looking at it. People would love to tell you that you are a meaningless speck of dust on this earth. You are much more important than that. You are a large part of the reason that Jamaica has progressed to where it is today. Your existence, your contribution to the island’s production, your school grade statistics and career choices, your likes and dislikes that affect local and international marketing campaigns…it is all real and defined, solid evidence that you matter. This doesn’t even take into consideration the emotional, spiritual and social lives that we are all blessed to have in some form or another.

Now, having appreciated all that you are, I just want you to see that you have the ability to change and alter any detail you want to. Hate something? Cut it off, or find an alternative. Love something? Do more of it. Don’t overthink the scenarios beyond reasonable logic. Wisdom helps us to guide ourselves, and can assist in making interactions with others easier. I personally recommend the book of Proverbs.

Live. Life is not promised, which is another saying we often hear, but truly we cannot predict when we die or how we do so. We laugh at suicide victims but forget that not all of them did this act consciously; they were sick. We scoff at all the poor while ignoring historical systematic provisions that created the class, and we undermine our own selves because we like to listen to people who “mean us well”. Sift through all of these things. Research. Document. Ask questions. Just know that whatever you decide is what you have created, and that will be the result that you must be grateful for, no matter what.

Blessings in abundance!


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