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Charity with Makeda Cunningham

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Why is charity important to you?

“This is of great importance to me because fortunately, I’ve most times been in the position where things are given to me just as an act of kindness – most times randomly – and as a result of that, I’ve always tried to pay it forward by doing the same for someone. It’s a personal thing for me also because it gives me joy when you can put a smile on somebody’s face, or hear someone saying that you’ve made their day, etc.”



Can you describe your journey doing charity work?

“It has been the best journey, should I be honest. I’ve always been a giver but I made the hosting of charity events official back in 2017. We started out in having a Back To School Treat in August and God has been amazingly awesome to us so that we now have four different events on our calendar: Door To Door Community Visit (June and October), Back To School Treat in August and our Christmas Giving Back Affair in December. We’ve been blessed to have some awesome sponsors who are always willing and ready to come on board with us. As a team, we’ve grown over the years and it gets better each year. We believe that whatever God supports, He will always sponsor.”



Do you agree that charity begins in the home?

“Most definitely. I remember as a child growing up while living with my dad, he would take me to the bank with him fortnightly and whenever it was time to leave, he would give me a portion money to give to a blind man who would always be standing at the door. Then, I went to live with my mom. I’ve never seen her asking as much as how I saw her giving and so that was instilled in me from a tender age. I grew up hearing that it pays to be kind and so that is always in my head.”



How has the current pandemic affected your usual activities?

“This pandemic has affected us as it relates to our activities in that we’d usually do the treat. Being that we were not able to make contact, we had to take away rides; for example the bounce-about which is what the kids would enjoy the most throughout the day. Also, as it relates to sponsors, most of the places that we would usually get sponsors from were not giving any sponsorship this year and so as a result of that we had to find other means.”


Is there anyone who inspires you?

“My team. They are always willing and ready to help me get the work done and are always selfless in doing that. My leaders, Pastor Glenville Lindner and Minister Lindner as well, who always give me the go ahead and offers their support; my friends, it inspires me knowing that they are inspired by me;  and certainly my parents, just knowing that they are proud. 


However, with all of this being said, the biggest part for me as it relates to charity is my faith/belief. One thing I live my daily life with is the verse John 14:12: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”


So my thing is, if it is that we shall do greater works than he has done and the Bible said that he fed 5000 people, it means therefore that we are able to reach over the 5000.”


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Blessings in abundance!


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