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Change of Guard in the People’s National Party (PNP) in the Offing?

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The time left for the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, may be limited as there has been a challenge put forth for his position. The person who has made his intentions clear, of taking Dr. Phillips’ place at the PNP helm,  is none other than Peter Bunting, former General Secretary of the party. Mr. Bunting has made it an open challenge and has issued a detailed statement of why there should be a change in the leadership of the party.

The East Portland Election Result the Real Trigger?

The larger case made out by Mr. Bunting can be taken from two separate perspectives. One is his justification for the party to get rid of Dr. Phillips from the position of the head of the People’s National Party at this juncture. The second is how he sees himself as the right choice as the next leader of the party in place of Dr. Phillips. The first reason is in reference to the recent election in the East Portland constituency in which the PNP lost what was considered a sure seat. Mr. Bunting feels that all the stakeholders in the party must acknowledge and accept the reality staring at the future of the party and proceed accordingly.

Gives Out a Long Statement with Supporting Documents

In solidifying his argument, Bunting first explained that he wishes to put all speculation to rest. He stated that, yes, he is making his announcement as a candidate for the post of President of the People’s National Party. Then he has brought to the fore, the factors which may or may not have been in the public domain, the four key findings of the appraisal committee that went into the reasons for the debacle of the PNP in the 2016 general elections. He has then connected these findings with the East Portland election and has stated that under the leadership of Dr. Peter Phillips, the party has hardly taken any steps to correct or improve these lacuna within the party.

Peter Bunting concluded his statement by saying that he intends to meet with party functionaries as well as the voting public in the coming weeks, to drive home the changes he is capable of bringing to the party organisation. It is now on him to convince everyone to elect him as the next President of the PNP.


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