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Businesses to Start After Covid- 19

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With the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the globe, leaders of states are concerned about their shattered economies and are devising intricate, hopefully practical, plans to get things going again. Meanwhile millions of people are out of a job and are exploring potential ways to earn an income, especially when the worse of the pandemic is over. Of course, starting any business in a fragile economy is risky, but you know what they say, in every crisis, there is an opportunity. So here are six 6 small (but scalable) business ideas that are likely to boom as the Covid 19 pandemic passes.



With school (and work) being out, there has been an understandable slowdown in the demand for stationery and office supplies. This will without a doubt change when schools reopen at which point, most people will be back at work. Starting up a stationery and office supplies small business does not have to be a large investment because you do not need a store front. You can operating an online store right at home! Targeting communities in your locale will also reduce the hassle and delivery costs. Finding creative ways to package and market your business is essential.



As people get back to their normal lives, moving around is essential. How will they get to their destinations? Someone has to take them and that someone could be you! The transportation industry is very diverse ranging from transporting children to schools to chauffeuring the elderly around. Operating a chartered taxi to drop and pick up people from the airport may also be a profitable business as it is expected that, in addition to the many postponed trips that will take place, airline companies will be encouraging travel (possibly at discounted rates) to get their businesses off the ground. These specific examples may not work in your area, but regardless of where you live, the transportation industry will boom and you can tap into it.



This was not so popular before the pandemic, especially in developing state where everyone is comfortable handling their own business. This pandemic is, however, forcing people, particularly the elderly to reconsider how they operate. It’s very likely that even after the worst of the pandemic is over, the elderly will still require someone to run their errands. With family members and friend back at work, they may have no choice but to rely on the services of an errand company to handle their businesses.



If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that cooking is a chore and although I am a 5 star general in the kitchen (I am Jamaican) it’s not something I want to do every day. Some people don’t have the luxury of a rich culinary culture (or did not pay attention while growing up) so preparing their own meals has been a real challenge during this pandemic. As people become more comfortable eating from strangers, the food and beverage industry will boom. The small business idea here is that you do not need a store front to operate a restaurant. An online restaurant with an all delivery model will work.



There is no doubt in my mind that the entertainment industry will see tremendous growth when the pandemic is behind us. It may be a while before people are willing to spend 10% of their income on extravagant recreation, so if you can find a way to create an entertaining event, to serve your locale, I say go for it!



This is an area that is booming right now, and dare I say it will continue after the pandemic. Businesses are reconfiguring how they do business and delivery is becoming more and more important. Providing delivery services might not be profitable to a manufacturer, so they will outsource- giving rise to a lucrative industry.


These are just six small business to start after Covid 19, however, there are many more. My final encouragement is to think of a need that will arise that you can fill. For example, many people will be starting businesses so what service will these new businesses need? Marketing/advertising. How can you fill those needs?



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