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Businesses in Clarendon Worried About Security

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The overall security, or the lack thereof, in the May Pen area and Clarendon overall is causing concern in the businesses operating in the area. This comes in the wake of the $3 million heist incident that took place on Sunday in May Pen. The Chamber of Commerce is now trying to make a case that companies may have to revisit their cash management policies to escape a recurrence of these kinds of crime. There is no denying the fact that a lot more needs to be done to improve the security levels in the parish.

Criminals a Few Steps Ahead of Law Enforcement?

Possibly the most worrying aspect for all stakeholders is how organised the criminal gangs are, particularly compared to the law enforcement agencies, who always seem to be a step behind such gangs. The criminal gangs seem to be aware of when and where cash is being transferred and they struck ahead of that schedule. They are armed and have no qualms about firing at anyone who gets in their way, including the police. It has reached a stage where the average person on the street in Clarendon may think there is no security worth its name present in the parish. The phrase ‘rule of law’ appears to have lost its meaning and it is more the ‘rule of lawlessness’. Those who have made investments and run businesses in the locality are understandably worried.

Better Surveillance the Answer?

The Clarendon Chamber of Commerce, through its Chairperson, Winsome Witter, has made a request to the Ministry of National Security to work on the JamiacaEye security network. This is an ambitious project involving fixing of CCTV cameras at maximum points, particularly in the violence-prone areas. This may help in the short term at identifying the criminals and solving crimes and in the long term serve as a deterrent. She would have taken into account the firearms theft in Montego Bay where the criminals took away the CCTV recording device with them.

There is, however, no denying the fact that some serious measures have to be put in place to curb violence in the parish.


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