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Businesses Encouraged to Exercise Better Cash Management After May Pen Robbery

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In the wake of the recent daring daylight robbery of the supermarket at Guinep Tree in May Pen, Clarendon, businesses are being encouraged to take better cash management precautions to store and move cash in their possession. Such actions would deter criminals from launching the kind of attacks that took place on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

In that incident, a group of heavily armed robbers stormed the supermarket, owned by Chinese nationals. They made off with approximately J$3.0 million in cash as well as other valuable items. But not before engaging in a fierce gun battle with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who responded to the robbery in progress.

According to Winsome Witter, the chair of the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce, the incident that saw two police officers injured, shows the extent of “lawlessness” across the island. She expressed concern about the coordinated and well-executed robbery while expressing relief that “no lives were lost in the mayhem.”

Revise Cash Management Policies

She recommends that businesses should re-examine their cash-management policies to enhance their internal security measures.  The Consular Officer Xhoa Ming of the Chinese Embassy echoes this observation. He reminds Chinese business operators to implement stringent security measures for their business assets. Xhoa also calls upon the Government of Jamaica to use every resource to protect Chinese nationals who are in Jamaica.

From all indications, the robbers knew that the supermarket kept money at the premises without adequate security measures.  While many businesses use overnight deposit facilities and armoured courier transportation, not all businesses use these measures to protect their cash and assets. The police also provide security to business operators in transporting cash to the bank. But businesses hardly use this service.

Implement JamaicaEye

Meanwhile, the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce Chair further urged the Jamaican government to move into full implementation of the JamaicaEye security initiative.

“We are also imploring the Ministry of National Security to move beyond talk and take action in full implementation of JamaicaEye security network, which goes beyond the mere installation of camera systems.”  Winsome Witter.

She also stated that the Clarendon chamber is willing to work with the Security Ministry in supporting its security measures.  The Chinese Embassy also intends to discuss the issues of safety with the Chinese communities.  That is the word from Xhoa Ming, Consular Officer at the Chinese Embassy. Furthermore, the Embassy is to do all it can to help their security while in Jamaica.

According to the Chinese Embassy official, approximately 70,000 direct Chinese nationals and persons of Chinese descent live in Jamaica.


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