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October is a month of internal reflections and changes, and importantly, it is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Think Pink, this colour is being championed all over the walls and banners of organizations, who are actively pledging their support. Requests for donations in the form of cash or by purchasing items supporting breast cancer awareness are also being circulated in emails and across social media platforms. Breast cancer is a serious condition that affects many and support must be given to those that have been affected. It is a fight for life when one is diagnosed with breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

This is a condition where the cells in the breast start growing out of control. This type of cancer affects both women and men, with women being the majority. In highlighting the severity of this condition, the cancerous cells can also be transported by the blood or lymph system, and as a result spreads throughout the body.

How does it affect the Body?

There are many ways in which breast cancer affects the body, which shows the true strength of all those who have been in this struggle. Ignorance of the effects still persists though there are numerous articles and television programmes that inform the public on how to identify breast cancer. The method of identification can be done by self-check, as well as doing the medical checks such as mammograms.

According to Healthline, “Breast cancer is a disease that affects both the body and mind.” The breast, being the main affected area, will experience many changes. These changes include the difference in size or shape, development of lumps, bloody discharges from the nipples as well as the difference in the skin. Fortunately, diagnosis and treatments are steadily advancing and it is no longer a death sentence for many that have been diagnosed. In order to fight the fight, there are many treatments but they also pose many issues such as a change in hormone production. Subsequently, the change in hormone production can affect fertility, and can also cause joint pain and hot flashes. Hair loss and weight gain can also be as a result of the treatments.

For anyone, hearing a negative outcome for one’s body can affect state of mind. This diagnosis has been known to be detrimental to one’s mind as it relates the severity of the condition and the expense of the treatments. The stress of everything can lead one to develop poor mental health and can further develop into mental illnesses.


It is truly a war with one’s body. Breast cancer does not discriminate and can affect anyone. With the information provided, support and understanding must be given to these warriors as they are in need. Donate and assist in whatever way that you can. If you are aware of someone battling this illness, please reach out and offer your support. Though this condition is recognized in this month, it must be noted that it is an ongoing issue for many, and while the pink banners and quotes change to reflect the trends of the time, the battle still goes on.


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