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Binghi Trap: “Divine Majesty Medley”

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One of the newest releases taking place during this time of social distancing is a medley that brings many together. The Divine Majesty Riddim, produced by Sonovic Music in collaboration with Izreal Records, is described as “Binghi Trap” and features lyrics and flows from some of the most prominent Rasta and conscious acts of today. Released on what would be marked as the 128th birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I (July 23, 2020), the medley hosts twelve individuals; below, I will quote some of the best lines that I picked up on while listening.  The video is included below so you can check it out as well for your own listening pleasure.


T’jean – “Divine Majesty”

“Thou preparest a table amongst my enemies – well I gotta thank you, Oh Jah/  Oh where you gonna run to, repatriation a must, doan form fool, no no/ A Solomonic blood a run though, the Divine Majesty, the Devil get slew, no Kung Fu/  Oh where you gonna run to, repatriation a must, doan form fool, no no”


5 Star Celestial – “The Wire”

“Lightning and thunder, and earthquake and fire, the lava a rise getting higher and higher/ Words of Mosiah say trust the Most High – the Messiah in Zion, the Conquering Lion/ the I am who I am, tough like a iron, we trodding through Zion/ Yeah through di wire, things down to the wire, fire, watch the wire”


Imeru Tafari – “Silent Prayer”

“Babylon wah kill wi off with violence, iyah/ go down pon mi knee and buss a silent prayer/ Emperor Selassie have the right empire/ deep inna di dark him have the brightest fire”


Blvk H3ro – “Nyahbinghi Order (Beat Dem)”

“Cyaa diss Emperor Selassie I mi fada, don’t pass yuh place with Empress Menen I mi mada/ Bout mi fi keep calm, bright and outa order/ Up inna di heights a Mount Zion mi a beat dem”


Davianah – “Not Your Property”

“Yow, seh dem a lionheart but di heart get weak/ if you waan fi lef di woman, wah mek you nuh leave? / Wah fi kill di woman cau’ dem know seh dem a eat/ tongue god, you think dat coulda keep? / No matter what he say, or she say/ She is not your property”


Jelliss – “Watch Dem Stumble”

“Forged in the fire/ And wi withstand any pressure/ Watch dem stumble, watch dem system crumble”


Indie Allen – “Keep It Real”

“Jah Jah beg yuh watch ova mi/ Everytime mi touch inna the streets or globally/ Everybody waan plate, but nobody nuh waan share, nuh trust nobody/ All when di blessing a flow, yuh haffi keep it real/ If you a mi fren, yuh haffi keep it real/ Yuh living the faith, yuh haffi keep it seal/ If she a di one, yuh haffi keep it real”


Ras I – “Hunting”

“Everyweh mi look a bere chop-choppa/ Everybody quick fi come knock-knocka/ quick fi come claim dem a don dada/ true dem wear some Desert Clarkes and Bank Robba/ If you know weh mi know/ you sekkle down and play a different role/ it would be wise you choose a different approach/ ‘cause if you take a life, a really Jah you oppose”


Royal Blu – “As Above On The Ground”

“Yeah, yeah – what’s that? The Beast! Nutten neva different with the doctors, police/ Preacher still a preach bout rapture fi weeks/ But nuff a dem a lust afta toddlers and teens/ As above, on the ground/ As above, so on the ground”


Runkus – “Testiment”

“Glory to the energy weh a show me every nemesis/ doh safe pon the guidelines, so no there’s no freak on the premises/ cau’ dem don’t read up the Genesis, no dem don’t seet to dem benefit/ In the beginning, Jah highlight who doan real, dem a enemy/ House a di Lord ‘cau mi nuh trust di streets/ Pass dem place like seh dem pon the minibus a sleep”


Kabaka Pyramid – “Energy”

“Dem nuh waan fi si mi swimming inna dough/ Badmind mi fi everything weh mi a do/ Dem seh mi mek it and den figure mi sell out/ But di only ting mi sell out a di ticket inna mi shows/ Rasta livity mi choose/ Nuff a move shakey and a switch it fi di views/ Bebble to di end, a coulda win, a coulda lose/ But mi neva lose yet becau’ wi sticking to the rules”


Chronic Law – “Anointed”

“Bet yuh dem neva si di fire so red/ Bet you dem neva si seh I anointed/ I and I bless – Jah Jah nah lef mi out, di footprints a lead I and I steps”


Be sure to check out each artiste and stream the full medley below.

Blessings in abundance!


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