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It doesn’t take a genius to say that working from home as its benefits, even for introverts such as myself, the benefits of working from home far out way having to travel every day to go into the office. Though some will claim that working from home brings on more challenges and/or distractions than in the office, many will agree that it is a small price to pay compared to the luxury it is to stay at home. My research and experience have proven that companies both locally and internationally can consider work from home options for staff as a part of a long-term strategy for cutting costs and retaining employees. Let us consider some advantages:  
  • Cost-Effective – Jamaican companies, specifically the BPO industry, can spend $60,000 USD monthly or more on electric bills. There are A/C units, more than 200 computers per department, microwaves, refrigerators, and much more. With the staff now working from home, electric bills are guaranteed to be reduced as there would be nobody in the office to incur any expense. Hiring buses to transport staff to and from work sites would become obsolete which would also save the company money. Stationery and supplies and food (snacks and drinks) would no longer be required of the company to purchase for staff if they were working remotely. Those saved pennies could otherwise be allocated for the benefit of employees. Whether that benefit is a pay increase, monthly prizes, and surprises, or a staff retreat.
  • No more unnecessary meetings – Remember those draining meetings supervisors had to conduct because an employee was always late to work, late from lunch, disrespectful, or productivity was low? The reason behind these behaviors, though not condoned, is because employees are either not motivated to be at work, hate the job, hate the boss, or are just mentally drained. Working from home provides employees the opportunity to take a break from the rat race. A change of scenery and routine relieves stress from both the employer and employee.
  • Employee Retention – People leave jobs because they are not happy where they are mentally, physically, or financially. We are always on the lookout for a better opportunity and in this era where jobs are always available, what will stop any one of us from leaving a job that is not satisfying? The ability to stop traveling daily for work and spending more time with family is a dream that all of us have. Imagine a company with the help of the government encouraging this dream to come through? Employees are more likely to stay loyal to a company if they check all the boxes that work from home advantages bring. Ask yourself, would you leave your job if you could work from home permanently? I know I wouldn’t.
  • Less Sick and Vacation Time – This is not to say that employees won’t use their days, but a company would find that the use of these days would drastically reduce. When an employee would call in sick because of a cold or flu, they normally would want to stay at home and recover. Working remotely got that covered under its belt; the truth is, it’s not a case where the employee didn’t want to get his/her job done but the struggle of getting ready and traveling to work with the misery of a stuffy nose, sinus draining, headaches and all the other nuisance that comes with a cold/flu would be a hassle. There is also our monthly menstrual cycle which some of us have bad. To the point where we must be out of work for a day or two. Working from home can have this dolorous time better. Vacation time is normally taken because employees feel burned out and want a break from the office, working from home is the break we never knew we needed.
  • Build and Maintain Good Relationship with Staff – Once employees are happy the environment will be happy. Employees hate to have a boss breathing over their necks every second of the day. We hate to have to deal with colleagues that are disrespectful or being micromanaged for simple things such as bathroom or lunch breaks. People are difficult to deal with overall, but we find that when employees are allowed to thrive as adults on their own rather than molded into something they are not, they become the best version of themselves professionally. In turn, we find where employees are more respectful in their dealings with colleagues and superiors. They are respectful of the time allotted and productivity would have heightened. Companies would then have a much easier time working with building a relationship with employees once they are comfortable in their environment.
To conclude there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are benefits of working from home. Employers would note that they would save money commercially, save time by not having to conduct meetings about the unprofessional conduct of employees, employees would be loyal to the company thus reducing the employee turnover rate, less sick and vacation time would be used and last but not least build and maintain a professional relationship with employees. Check out my previous article here This article can also be found on my blog. Click here. Check out ONLINE JOBS AGENCY for assistance with landing online jobs. ONLINE JOBS AGENCY CONTACT: Instagram: @onlinejobsagency Whatsapp: https://wa.me/18762784508 Website: https://www.onlinejobsagency.net

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