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Back to Work with Corona

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Very often, in an attempt to understand or to simplify issues that are both complex and bewildering, the humanity of the story is drowned in a sea of inquiry and sieved under the waves of the hypothetical and conspiracy theories. These very intricate events that have caused significant loss of lives, are often dismembered by multiple examiners in a great deal of debate and sometimes, ultimately pointless discussions. These disasters often leave a very unpleasant taste that lingers in the lives of those truly affected. Strangely, these agonising situations are often quickly forgotten in the hurried pace to the return to ‘normality’ and in the song and dance of “we shall overcome”. These unfortunate situations, when they do occur are regularly exploited as means to towards some unknown ends or for some ‘greater good’ situation, don’t believe, wait for it, it too shall come.

From its insurgence, to its canvassing world-wide journey, novel Corona Virus 2019 has presented a multifaceted dilemma to humankind. The greatest ‘dilemma’ of this virus, is that it continues to pose a serious threat to human life, especially those with underlying health complications. In this its initial onslaught Covid 19, left both commerce and crime in suspended animation, albeit temporarily. Modern forms of government, capitalism and communism came to a grinding halt and both had to make a steady but hasty retreat in the face of this unseen foe.

So prevalent has Corona been, where it has even managed to stir the religious cup of tea and provoked many a sermon and vigorous debates in Christian circles of whether Covid 19 is indeed the hand of God against a rebellious evil world or just, the beginning of the end.

Nevertheless, whilst in the midst of the pandemic, peculiarities have been observed. One such oddity that has been observed is that families are being observed together and for extended periods. In today’s modern society this is a rare occurrence. This occurrence, could be viewed with equal sensation to numerous videos of the wild animal that are coming out of hiding in the other Corona hit countries.

Many have lamented that the rigour and structure of modern or post-modern societies in the western hemisphere has been very abrasive to family life. Where some children, by some miracle of God who live in a nuclear family, may only just see both parents on the weekend and if possible, interact with any one parent probably less than 4 hours per day. all this due to the demands of their respective jobs. With the restrictions soon to be lifted will it be a return to the old working habits, an adaptation or something even worse?

These working arrangements have played an integral role in the breakdown seen in the society today, according to some social scientists. But, under this outbreak of the corona virus 2019, many suffocating families are literally forced together due to the consistent curfews and work at home orders by the government, which is a sad commentary on the state of our society.

Modern Western society has been repeatedly advertised as fast paced, where it literally means everything is done fast. Weirdly as it may seem CoVid 19, in its attempt to disrupt human societies have forced its basic foundation back together, albeit under duress.

Scientists have often noted that in nature whenever the balance of an ecosystem is threatened or out of order, that nature often brings the misaligned ecosystem back in to equilibrium, or to its natural order. So, a natural question to be asked, is Covid 19 bringing an out of kilter society back to a simplified order?

With Covid still ‘a raging’ and the ever-depleting financial reserves (for those who have such delicacies) people out of necessity will have to go back to work. Even in the midst of a forecast from the WHO (World Health Organisation) about an inevitable second Covid wave and their warning to governments about reopening businesses too soon, a choice will have to made. For some it is between life and death; stay home and die of hunger or go back to work in an unsafe environment where you may possibly contract Covid 19 and either recover or die.

Amidst the many calls from business operators to the government to gradually reopen certain sectors of business, the government is tasked with very serious and time sensitive decisions. One therefore has strategically wade through these waters, if it be at all possible. In a worst-case scenario, one infected employee can possibly infect an entire organisation even in adherence to sanitation guidelines, as no system is full proof, the guidelines are just mitigating steps. The ripple effect from any mass infection at a place of work, is greatly undesirable. It places the customers, the common man, every family being supported by this job and local communities at risk. Each person whom the infected person comes in casual contact with can possible contract the virus and then they too become a mode of distribution for Covid 19. Which then means that if the employees a becoming sick and being re-infected, work will again have to stop. One does not have to be a mathematical mastermind to know that such situations are unfavourable.

There is no easy decision to be made, the society is facing both economic and life threatening challenges, a literal case of “damned if I do” go to work, and “damned if I don’t”.

Whatever the decision I await the month of June ‘patiently’. In the meanwhile, I will continue to await our wild life to reappear, but alas nothing has been spotted thus far apart our perennial bredda mongoose.


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