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Audrey Shaw to Speak at Global Health Catalyst Summit

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The annual Global Health Catalyst (GHC) Summit is a yearly conference organized by the Harvard Medical School. This summit is organized to reduce the disparities present in the medical world among a variety of countries. Every year, international collaborations and initiatives are borne through this summit. This is a 3-day event involving an intense exchanging of ideas. This year, the summit is being held from May 24-26 at the Harvard Medical School Campus in Boston. Audley Shaw, Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries has been invited to speak at the summit.

Shaw Addresses the Audience on 26th

Audley Shaw will be addressing the audience on May 26th in a morning session. The morning session will feature the topic of Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis. The main focus of these sessions will be on the growing Cannabis Industry and its impact on society. Since Jamaica has seen a noticeable growth spurt in this sector, Shaw was seen fit to address the crowd on this topic.  Jamaica is currently working on improving the research and development endeavors with respect to the cannabis industry. Great efforts are being taken to streamline the growth in this sector.

Shaw will present on the various efforts taken by the Jamaican government so far and the future plans in this segment. The GHC Summit is one of the most prestigious summits organized every year. A lot of people who are unable to attend in person can also view the proceedings via satellite conferences. Many parts of Europe and Africa participate in this summit using this resource. This summit is funded by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; other institutes also fund this initiative, additionally.

The Ganja Industry

Minister Shaw’s presentation will help put forth a new perspective on how Jamaica is dealing with the Cannabis Industry. The input obtained from other international organizations will also help to develop better framework for Jamaica. The session will be an eye opener for the other countries about the state of affairs in Jamaica. A lot of catalysts and funding for its related projects are expected to happen through this session. The summit is expected to bring about a lot of positive change in Jamaica and other such countries.


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