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Ariyahna & Brian

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“It’s Friday night” she yelled “I have so many things running through my mind, the TV doesn’t work, the internet is out, my best friend is sleeping. I feel like I am going crazy.” 

“Don’t worry Ariyahna, tell me what’s going on.” 

Brian, I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I feel it in my head how much this situation is affecting me. My headaches every day, I am always moody, I am gaining weight and I cry so much. Why won’t anyone love me? What’s wrong with me? When will someone love me? I hate being single.”

“Weren’t you talking to Jacob a few months ago? I thought you two were dating.”

“Honestly, I thought we were dating too, however, a few months in I realized he wasn’t interested in a relationship, he just wants a friendship.” *Sighs*

“Why are you sighing? Are you not okay with that?”

“Actually no! I fell in love with him.”

“Arii what???? Why? How? When?”

Brian, I feel so awful. I don’t want to talk about it please.”

“No! You always say things like this when you want to keep it to yourself. Please tell me how you are feeling.”

“Okay. Well, I spent every minute, hour, and day speaking to Jacob since March of last year. He initially said he wanted me to be his girlfriend and I said yes but as time passes I realized that he isn’t interested in me. I confronted him about it but of course, he said he just wants a friendship and nothing more.”

“Oh, I see.”

“ I just have one big problem.”

“And what is that?

“I fell in love with him.”

“Ariyahna, how? Explain how do you fall in love with someone who said they just wanted to be friends with you.”

“Brian, I don’t know. He is really sweet, special, kind, caring, and loving towards me. He treats me so well. So I fell in love with his generosity and it’s killing me because I want to make it official but I am scared.”

“What exactly are you scared of?”

“ I am scared of the rejection, Brian. I am scared that if I tell him how I truly feel it will change our relationship. I am scared he will not feel the same. This is not a traditional thing to do so if he tells me that he likes me only as a friend it means he doesn’t see me as a girlfriend. I am extremely confused because why would he be so nice to me?”

“I can’t speak for another man but I can go speak to him for you. Would you be okay with that?”

“I am a bit nervous at that statement, what – What are you going to say to him?”

“I am going to have a conversation with him, man to man. I am going to feel him out and find out his true intentions. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes, kinda… I want to know if there is any chance for a “us”. Do you understand Brian?”

“Say less Ari”


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