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American Citizen Arrested in Kingston Trying to Catch Flight With Gun

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Matthew Campbell, a 26-year old nursing assistant, was arrested by Kingston police at the Norman Manley International Airport while attempting to board the plane with a firearm. Campbell, who is a citizen of the United States, has reportedly been scheduled to present himself at the Half Way Tree Parish court on June 11 for breaching aviation laws of Jamaica.

As per the report from Kingston police, Campbell was caught when he arrived at the airport to take a Delta Flight to Atlanta. The security officials caught Campbell red-handed while searching his luggage and found a gun. Reportedly, they found a Point 38 Smith and Wesson revolver and 12 rounds in his luggage. The American was then taken into custody within a few minutes following the alert from the airport security officials, the police concluded.

The police force further disclosed regarding the arrest that they this was not the first such incident at the Kingston airport.  Even though Jamaica has been regulating firearm possessions with the Firearms Act of Jamaica, these types of crimes are inevitable. Hence, the nation has already set up Gun Courts across the island. Now, Campbell’s case is said to be heard in one of those Gun Courts.

Is the Island’s Gun Law Becoming Weak?

Jamaica had amended its gun laws back in 1975 when the violence of criminal gangs was found to be increasing steadily across the island. However, that doesn’t hold the citizens of the island off from possessing firearms. Even some ministers seem to be supporting guns on the island.

A few days ago, Arnaldo Brown, an MP of People’s National Party said that more guns might probably reduce the crime rate on the island. According to the Minister, the government should consider allowing more citizens to keep guns for their safety as that will potentially decrease the number of citizens that fall victim to crime.


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