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Ameika Louis: Beauty With A Purpose

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From the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I am honoured to present to you the illuminative (and very much Jamaican, in my opinion) Ameika Louis.



What inspired you to enter this year’s Miss World Trinidad and Tobago competition?

“What inspired me to enter was actually the idea of a larger platform for advocacy, and the challenge of taking on such an opportunity of literally capturing the title of Miss World in order to bring what I think would be a difference through my passions (art and social human development) which I think have been primarily focused on financial and infrastructural development.”



You were crowned Miss UWI 2015. Has this experience provided any benefits for your current journey?

“Being crowned Miss UWI Mona 2015 has definitely provided a lot of benefits for this current experience, as the lessons I learnt – not even as a contestant, but reigning as Miss UWI – they’re invaluable. Under the management of Michael Lewis, I think we had something very close to a Miss World level of experience in terms of the itinerary leading up to the crowning of the pageant especially in training for interviews as well as our part doing charity. That idea of “Beauty With A Purpose” stuck with me since then.”



What would you say are the most important aspects of living that society should focus on?

“The most important aspect of living is the idea of being considerate, or that golden rule “Do unto others as you’d like others to do unto you.”  If we could tap into thinking of others in balance with how much we think of ourselves, I think that would be a cure for so many things in this world. That aspect of just remembering your humanity and remembering that self is a part of community, and community is what builds self. ”



How has running the ILE DINGOLAY Movement Studio (the only movement studio in Trinidad and Tobago) impacted your entrepreneurial skills?

“Mainly, I’ve realized the importance of learning a bit of everything in your business – particularly book keeping/accounting. My marketing skills have definitely been sharpened regarding word of mouth as well as social media; I have to push myself to be present in both fields and learn what works with which market.”


(Full video “Miss World TT 2020 – The Reveal: Sunday May 31st 2020”)


Do you have any advice for those who would love to follow in your footsteps?

“I say: be guided by the examples of those who have gone before you. Be guided and be inspired, but search out your own footing in similar steps. Our paths may be similar but they would never be the same. Don’t be afraid to talk to/ reach out to those who inspire you (even those that seem out of reach). Research as much as you can and never be afraid to try. Never be afraid to fail and take the lessons from your failure and fuel them into more and more successes.”


Photo courtesy of KasCam Photography

Feel free to contact Ameika and stay up to date with her current journey as a finalist in the 2020 Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Competition:

Ameika Louis Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Instagram


ILE DINGOLAY Movement Studio

Dance Fitness Tobago Classes



Blessings in abundance!


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