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Alien Invasion?

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Courtanae Heslop

Many see an alien hiding in a human’s body; others see an alien removing skin. I see neither. I see what many of us are going through every day.

We are living a life that is different from the one we envisage ourselves in. We show one side of ourselves to the world, the character we play just so we can fit in with everyone else, not knowing it is okay to be different, be an alien. We eventually become a person that we don’t even recognize when we look in the mirror. We get mentally, physically, and emotionally distorted, confused, and uncomfortable.

It’s sad because it is true; many people not only in Jamaica but across the world are forced to hide in plain sight or change themselves physically so they can be acceptable to society. It gets even worst because people attempt suicide or have even committed suicide because they cannot fit in with the world’s standards.

It may just be my mind, but look back at the picture; do you see the discomfort in the girl’s face? Do you see where even after her physical appearance allows her to fit in, she is still miserable? Sadly, that’s the face I see as I look onwards to this world.

I’ve been reading and watching stories as it relates to people and how they view themselves, just like loyalty, finding someone who truly accepts themselves both mentally and physically is rare.

As we scroll through our Instagram and Facebook feeds, we see where plastic surgery is glorified over natural; there are so many videos where men are starting to come out to say that women should stop going under the knife or stop processing our hair, they don’t like it anymore. I see evidence of people reverting for example as it relates to natural hair, I can see where many black women are going natural, that of which they must be applauded and commended. But though we are fixing our physical appearance are we mending our mental appearance?

We need to remember that mental health is just as important as our physical health, just imagine having no happy or safe place to run to. Our mental health affects how we feel, think, and act as well as impact how we handle stress, relate to peers, and make choices. Being healthy mentally helps us to realize our full potential, work productively, cope with everyday stress, and be a meaningful member of society. It doesn’t help you when you are living a miserable life.

As technology continues to grow in this modern-day, there are many ways to help individuals who are uncomfortable in their bodies or their mind or generally in their lives. Consider the following tips:

  1. Confide in someone you trust – You should feel at home when in dialogue with this person. Is it your parents or is it a friend? That’s on you to decide.
  2. YouTube – If I could, I would recommend YouTube to everyone, not only for entertainment but for learning. As the years continue to go by, people are no longer scared to come out to the world, they are no longer ashamed to tell the world about their problems – what the problem is, how they deal/t with it. Go on YouTube and search for whatever is bothering you and watch the videos that are recommended. These are real people, with real problems.
  3. Professional Help – Seek professional help only as a last resort, if you find where neither of the first two tips applied to you, there is neither shame nor harm in seeking a second opinion from a professional. Do what you need to do to have a genuine smile on your face.


There is no need to remain unhappy or miserable in your life if you feel you are different and are forced to live a lie, consider the reasoning and tips above. Please send your thoughts and comments to me at [email protected]


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