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Accused Drug Peddler Escapes Airport Immigration in Trinidad

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The immigration authorities in Trinidad begun a probe to find a Jamaican man who had a record of drug peddling. He was refused entry at the airline security. He managed to escape and the police are still on the search for this man. On Saturday, the accused escaped from the Piarco International Airport.

The identity of the accused has not been disclosed. It is said that the man was in his early 20’s and arrived at the airport on Friday taking the Caribbean Airlines from Kingston. There have been many pending drug-related records about this man and was held by the immigration officers denying entry in the twin island.

Lax Security Measures Led to the Escape

Upon his arrival into the country on Friday, the accused made several failed attempts to get by immigration. He was eventually placed in the immigration detention center but managed to escape by Saturday. On checking, they noticed that he had removed a tile from the ceiling and climbed out to the general area and escaped.

The airport authorities do not want to further comment about the security measures of the airport. The Airports Authority of T&T stated that it was the responsibility of the airlines to look into security measures, especially, of people who had been previously held by the immigration authorities. The Airport Authorities said that they are not in a position to assure that such incidents would not recur again.

Since the event, it has become apparent that the man had escaped before and eluding the immigration authorities was nothing new to him. In Jamaica, the man has been associated with drugs and many cases against him are said to still be pending. By law, airline authorities are responsible to do checks for passengers who have been detained by the immigration authorities.


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