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“You will never know what opportunities are there for you unless you step out of your comfort zone.” ~ Courtanae Heslop

Hailing from Montego Bay, St. James, twenty-one-year-old Courtanae Heslop continues to rise to the top with her unique yet interesting talents. Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Influencer, Web Designer, and Financial Coach are just a few terms used to describe her. 

I grew up in what I consider to be the best family in the world with both my parents and sister. My parents have always acted unselfishly towards us and that foundation as well as discipline, love, and respect groomed me into the woman I am today. My colleagues describe me as driven, self-motivated, ambitious, courageous, blunt, and very mature for my age which I have to be because of my fear of getting comfortable in my current situation.

This phobia has driven me to pursue a variety of courses throughout Jamaica and online such as: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), CompTIA Project +: Project Management and Administrative Assistant from the Heart Trust NTA and earning my Associates Degree in Business & General Studies from the Montego Bay Community College after tackling Management in Information Systems the year prior. 

I had a knack for writing which I maintained throughout my years at Mt. Alvernia High, in 2018 I took on writing full time when my colleague and friend, Channique Nathan, encouraged me to start publishing my work. The Western Mirror has aided greatly in building my confidence in my art by publishing seven articles in the space of six months. Later that same year, the fire that burned within me resulted in me writing a book, Mi need fi achieve mi GOALS sold worldwide via Amazon and has gained the attention from London based publishers and online book clubs. 

I am no exception to obstacles or challenges; my personality is my greatest downfall and strength. I am considered to be an alpha female which means more than simply having a strong personality. I have a strong sense of self and I walk with purpose, I stand up for what I believe in, resilient, live my truth and I refuse to play games with people. I am mocked and jeered every day because I live an unconventional life, in other words, I do not live as how society dictates a person my age should. 

The road was not paved for me either; during my journey to greatness, I have encountered numerous vindictive individuals at school and work with the sole desire to destroy me even sabotaging plans I had made. Thankfully, these attacks have done nothing but made me stronger and ready for whatever life has in store for me; I’ve used all the bricks thrown at me as steps to elevate myself. 

I most definitely do not hide my plans for life and the persons surrounded by me can second that. One of my main goals in life is to become the next female Warren Buffet. I became aware of him while building D’orandae and started doing researches on how he started on his journey. These researches as well as my mother’s current career in investments have led me unknowingly into becoming an ambassador for Sagicor, informing and imploring individuals from the BPO section to get into the habit of investing rather than saving, they are now real clients for Sagicor. 

I must admit though that though I am involved in all of these, I am easily bored and I hate wasting time; these combinations has lead me into building my company, D’orandae (mentioned before) that is determined to help people all around the world build their business while building themselves. So far, D’orandae has made a powerful impression on more than 25,000 persons via social media each week.  

Not only that, but D’orandae is also built from my passions Journalism, Style, and Travel and is named after me; my second middle name. D’orandae also helps devise strategies to make the workplace a safe and comfortable environment by working with bosses to build solid plans for employees. These plans are designed to engage employees and make it less of a task and more of a joy for persons to come to work.

I intend on remaining a well-rounded individual; I will continue my journey as a Jamaican Investor, Entrepreneur, and writer. I would also love the opportunity to help guide the young ones of tomorrow onto the road of investing in themselves and Jamaica by means of showing them that life does not have to be what society says it should be. There are opportunities out there for us and in turn, Jamaica in different sectors and I am confident my voice can be one that changes the course of many young ones.

Courtanae is not known for backing down from a challenge and rarely ever misses an opportunity to showcase her talents. Please feel free to reach out to me via email: [email protected]  or through my website www.dorandae.blog


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