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Abortion Bills Up For Debate: Special Rape Exemptions

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Rape is always a sensitive issue; at least in most parts of the world. Women are truly traumatised by the violence and it takes a lot to overcome. Most women do not feel comfortable revealing or talking about their experience. Except for their close family or friends, a lot of these women never disclose their trauma to anyone. It takes a great deal of courage for them to open up about their ordeal. Recently, there have been laws being passed regarding abortion in the United States. These laws have, for the most part, made abortion illegal. The US, and the world, have become divided on the issue. A main concern is that a clause at least be included that allows rape victims to opt for abortions, if needed.

Women Standing Up

A lot of women have come forward recently recounting their rape experiences. Some of these had, in fact, happened more than 20 years ago. Nancy Mace, one of the Republican lawmakers, recounted her experience which occurred 25 years back. She said that it took her that long to work up the courage to speak out. While she said that preventing abortions after the fetal heartbeats are detected is necessary, a clause exempting rape and incest victims should be added.

These recent months have witnessed a plethora of women recounting their painful experiences. All these women seem to agree on one thing if nothing else; the right to abort a fetus if it conceived through rape or incest should be given to the victim. With the increase in the Republican legislatures coming up with anti-abortion bills, more women are coming out to share their experiences. A lot of them, after seeing or hearing other gut-wrenching revelations, have gotten the courage to speak out.

The Legislature Bills

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, recently spoke out against such horrible incidents, recounting her experience and supporting the movement. Though she did not become pregnant as a result of getting raped, she still wants the bill to help the other not-so-lucky victims. The victims need a space to be heard. They need the support and backing of the system to help them recover as best as possible and attempt to lead normal lives. Women do not want to deal with unwanted pregnancies at all and especially as a result of rape or incest. With changing times, the laws should also reflect the changing needs. Two laws have been passed against abortion in Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature. The governor has the power to veto them, and Whitmer plans to use her power as a governor to veto these bills.


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