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A Letter To My Husband (Part One)

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Dear Husband,

Ever since I was younger I’ve always seen people talk about marrying their Prince Charming. I had no idea who mine would be, if any at all. Though we are seven years apart, the motions of life lead us to meet up in what I think is the strangest place of all, college.

I know you’ve heard this a million times before but I truly could not stand to be around you sometimes. You annoyed me with your words and your presence but at the same time, there was something about you that I liked, I could not put my finger on it. Over time, the strong dislike I had for you was overpowered by like, then love.

I tell anyone up to this day that I did not like you; from the day I forgot I lent you my earphones and you broke them the same night and your refusing to pay me back, to the day you were trying to ‘curse’ me in class, I still wonder how I allowed you to become the love of my life; my husband.

You told me multiple times that you did things on purpose to upset me, just to see my reaction but to be honest, my only feeling was disgust, annoyance, and nauseousness. At the moment, there was nothing you did that was appealing to me. As the months progressed, my relationship with my then-boyfriend was starting to become boring, and eventually he was like a pest to me. I had experienced firsthand what it was like to fall out of love with someone and it was an experience so new to me, I felt it was unnatural.

This was the situation that first led me to talk to you and as time went on, you became a listening ear and a crying shoulder. You didn’t have experience in what I was going through, but you listened to me which is something I had never experienced from a man before. You gave me advice that I use nowadays and more importantly, the advice you gave me was what I used to get my ex away from me.

I still remember the day you sent me videos of you almost drunk and I was forty percent worried about your well-being. At this point we were friends, but not that close, you would tell me things and I would tell you things, but that was it. No feelings, emotions, attachment; nothing.

Before I knew it, you were the person I was interested in talking to every day. You were the only one from the group of boys I hung out with that I liked. You were the only one that was handsome and interesting to me; you were the one I was captivated by the most. Suddenly, nothing else mattered but you.

I spent a lot of time with you in the early Monday mornings under the mango tree at school, where you would show me pictures of how your weekend went.


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