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7 weird videos games that actually exist

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Since the creation of the first video game, invented in 1958 by Physicist William Higinbotham, some bizarre video games have entered the market. Yes, while there are many prototypes that are popular, heavily endorsed and celebrated by  many;there are some with their delirious graphics and outlandish concepts that are too insane to grasp.

Check out these 7 weird video games.


LSD: Dream Emulator is an exploration game developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment for the PlayStation. The game is played in short dream sequences that last up to ten minutes. The player starts each dream in a random area that they will explore.The dreamworld was developed based on the dream diary of Hiroko Nishikawa, an employee of the studio.

The game presents a unique experience for the player, as the dream can change instantly by bumping into certain objects. This also prevents the player from having the same experience more than once. Sometimes that encounter may be terrifying. The player has to be alert at all times due to random entities such as demons popping out of the wall. With this game you never know what to expect.

2.Mister Mosquito 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall? Wellsuppose you could be something close enough, rest your mind! Mister Mosquito could offer you a window of opportunity. In this game you are able to become a cute tiny mosquito that must find food and store it for the impending winter. In order to achieve your targetyou must plague the Yamada Family who is trying to enjoy their vacation. 
The game is presented from the third-person perspective as you try to suck blood from the Yamadas. But be extremely careful while extracting their blood, because they can swat you to death. The mosquito transforms in size and colour and looks adorningly cute, but it’s a very weird concept for a game. Enjoy sucking blood! 

3.Journey Escape

The gamer plays a roadie who leads a band to their escape vehicle through a crowd of sexy groupies, paparazzi, promoters and stage blockades. The screen moves vertically throughout the player’s ordeal, the speed can be adjusted; the gamer moves side to side to avoid the obstacles mentioned.

4. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

This game is based on the late King of Pop’s short films and music ensembles. The game has two main objectives:

  1. Battle criminals with your effortless dance skills


  1. Save little children that are hidden in closets

This game is beyond absurd with Jackson’s crotch-grabbing moves. The weirdness of the game is even more heightened when Michael unleashes a distinctive move, which forces the criminals into a dance sequence.

5.Wayne’s World


Seriously, not everything should become a video game. But try saying this to Radical Entertainment, the developers of the game. In the game you can play as Wayne and Garth as you defend yourself by fighting off musical instruments and various enemies linked to the movie.

6. Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit

The game is loosely based on Tim Allen’s sitcom, “Home Improvement.” In the game you play Tim Taylor and battle mummies and dinosaurs with your power tools. The game is said to be a celebration of masculinity. The instruction label literally reads “real men don’t need instructions.” Its no surprise that this game was ultimately a failure.

7. 4 Playboy: The Mansion 

In this simulation game the player becomes the famous Playboy owner, Hugh Hefner. The aim of the game is to make Playboy Magazines and Villas. The player is able to fire and hire photographers and journalists as they plan interviews and photo shoots.  There is a twist, the success of the magazine depends on how much each person likes yeast.


Do you know any other bizarre video game?


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I actually played a few of these.